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  1. A hunter in the wilds of his native land Denmark. By trade Thomas was a lowly factory worker who tinned sardines for a living. But once out of work he spent hours in the evenings and weekends perfecting the art of survival and hunting. He dreamed of being able to live off the land and move to the remote forest land of North Sweden. One day he decided enough was enough and packed his bags and left on his entrepid adventure. He moved to the north of Sweden but not by normal means... He walked, living a nomad lifestyle for 7 months until he reached his goal. When there Thomas spent 8 years in the forest, become not just locally know, but nationally know in Sweden as the wildman of the north. One day word got out around the UK and one man had set his sights on him for a new TV series. Thomas was challenged to a survival race against the true survivalist Ed Stafford in one of the harshest landscapes of them all, mother land Russia, more to the point Cherarus.. That's where it all went wrong, upon landing in Russia, things had already got bad with the zombie outbreak, thinking on his feet, Thomas ran quickly out the airport into the wilderness. This is where his true survival story began.
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