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  1. I didn't happen to record it, but i may consider it in the future. After it was all said and done i guess i had a giggle but only after ya'lls support.
  2. That was my own thoughts but i wanted to double check. Maybe its my own empathy i don't know. In Standalone i honestly wanna PvE not PvP. I might be playing the game all wrong though.
  3. Well i felt rather guilty about it, i felt maybe if i told the community about it i could at least get it off my chest. I did not want to kill this fellow but he should not have taken my pants an my axe. Robbery is not the answer if we band together we can accomplish so much more.
  4. Earlier today i was robbed by a bandit. He took my axe and left me his ruined sledge hammer. He instructed me not to follow him and i didn't. Seeing how we were both starving we both met at an apple tree. During the gathering when his defenses were down i beat him down with his own sledgehammer. Was i in the wrong? i feel i was but i don't wanna be breaking any rules.
  5. Did not get white listed. Put a lot of time and effort into my application only to get rejected so i do not believe that i will be attempting again. Take care everyone and have a wonderful time playing DayZRP
  6. Thank you Rick I appreciate it! How are you on this fine Thursday/Friday? I am also not to familiar with forum etiquette so i don't know if the daily "shooting the breeze" is appropriate.
  7. Hello everyone! i am new to DayZRP and am currently waiting on my white listing review. I am very excited to be considered!