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  1. I dont appreciate how much of a hassle i was given due to my original lastname having been ‘XVII’ due to the fact that, upon looking at some of these peoples names, mine seems like a godsend. Like, i get having a roman numeral number for a lastname is weird but compared to a good amount of the ones i saw… i just dont get how they possibly got accepted with such unrealistic names
  2. yes plz.. sorry. nextime ive got the option, ill fill it out THAN respond a thank u lol. i just need to change my character info. but its got me right past that point onto the ‘about you’
  3. thank you, it worked! omg.. and as i went to reply ‘it worked’ it apparently saved & moved forward once again to the ‘about you’...
  4. So i got denied a long time ago & have checked in once ina while to see if any progress has been made on fixing it. The first thing need be done is, i need to change my character info. But, even once getting the declined notificafion, i click on whitelist once again & am automatically put at the step right after the character info , the ‘about you’ section. I have explained this twice now and am met with the same result so am seekingn help here. The first time around the recruiter took me for an idiot & put something to the effect of ‘since the issue is still the exact same as lastime, i will repeat myself exactly once again..’ thanks for that btw. Wasnt me that tried literally changing nothing & resubmitting my app but, hope it made your day better. Can someone help me with this please. I honestly feel like its an extremely easy fix and either im just missing something cause im doing it on my phone or, i d k. Please help. really want to join this server.
  5. Comes from a broken home. So this wasteland is nothing new to Soba. Death was apart of the streets well before the apocolypse, the only thing that changed is the dead staying dead. His abusive father is long gone, who knows wether or not hes alive. Who cares? Moms past away just before all of this hit the fan.. as much as he misses her, he’s glad she doesnt have to fight as he does to survive every day. A true drifter at heart, always walking with the wind. In search of some place hes never been before.. but one day he’ll make it there. Dead or alive.
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