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  1. Alfonso Galati was born in Perth to a well known farming magnate his father tony galati ran farms all over the county, growing up mostly in the shadow of his older brother at the age of 15 his father was brutally murdered by a rival company forcing to the brothers to flee. His older brother Anthony become his primary caregiver aswell as mentor even though Afonso was just a year younger and knew how to take care of himself just as good as Anthony and his father ever could in his mind. after boarding the first ship in new fremantle port that would take them for the price of them working for the voyage. the boys found themselves in Europe and immediately set off to find a place to call home. Alfonso didn't really care where they stopped and worked he only cared that they where still alive. Anthony used to take jobs where he could in more of the legitimate side however alfonso seemed to be on the other side of the moral compass, he seems like the spitting image of his brother but its all smoke and mirrors. wherever the brothers arrive Alfonso is always quick to find work more geared to his "standards", he would be out comitting crimes whilst his brother would do back breaking labor for any scarps he could get. Alfonso knew that he could easily survive on his own and maybe do better but Anthony was his only remaining family, so he had to stay with him no matter what. He never believed all the stories of Nyheim and its bountiful splendor but he will do anything to keep his empathic brother safe and sound so he followed Anthony once again to a new life
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