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  1. David Kain was born in The High Port, Governor's Island in New York. He grew up with everyday life, and at the age of 18, he wanted to fight for his country. He joined the Navy to travel the world and learned about the brotherhood. In 2049 David Kain joined the Navy and began his training to become one of the world's most elite fighters. He started to master all weapons and tactics to rescue or kill high-value targets around the world. Then was promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer of his Seal Team, and from this point, most of his friends and brothers called him Kain. Kain's team ran missions worldwide, saved more people than any Seal team, and killed high-value targets with deadly accuracy. On one of his later missions, Kain noticed the world-changing. Some of the targets were not fully human and deformed in some bizarre ways. During a top-secret operation in Wuhan, China, after being picked up and on the way back to the base of operations, the team's Blackhawk was shot down by a ground-to-air missile. The Navy went on a grueling search to find the remains of all mission members but never was able to see him and considered him dead. Kain, though was purchased and brought back to a secret lab as a subject. Kain was tortured and used as a test experiment for a lunatic Doctor. Kain's face and body were mangled with metal, and he was used as a biological ginny pig for the doctor that changed his voice to sound like a monster. The only time Kain felt any relief was when he was able to have small conversations with one of the nurses in the facility that took pity on him due to his situation. As time went on, he could tell that the nurse was flirting with him, and he knew it was his only way out. One night strange things around the facility started happening as he was trying to regain his strength from being tortured and tested on. Alarms started going off, doctors and nurses were running around like a severe emergency, and he knew he had to get out of the facility before it was too late. That same nurse who fancies Kain rushed into his room and slipped him a keycard for the facility with a love letter with a map on how to get out. Running out of the facility, Kain started to feel different. He started killing and not feeling any remorse for what he was doing to get out as they seemed to be monsters to him. After being tortured for so long, something inside him was not the same. There now were other voices inside his head. He kept thinking, "What has this lunatic Doctor done to me?". Most of his memory was lost, and he could not recall anything before the helicopter was shot down. But he knew he had to escape and try to get his memory back to find the ones who did this to him and solve the puzzle of what had happened.
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