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  1. Alice Ackermann was born in a very protective family that was pretty suspicious about other people and tried to avoid crowded areas. Together with her little brother "Henry Ackermann", she was raised in the woods, far from any so called civilization. The siblings were teached how to hunt and defend themselves early, by their father. When her parents could not avoid visiting a nearby settlement, Alice was left in charge and took care of Henry. For her 16th birthday, Alice parents went to the closest bigger settlement to aquire a gun as a present. While Henry was asleep, Alice sneaked outside to hunt deer - against the strict order of her parents, who told them to stay in their shelter under any circumstances. Eventually she got a good shot at her target, but the noise attracted unwanted visitors. When she returned to the shelter, she saw some men carrying away her little brother. Alice went after them, to rescue her beloved brother. Sneaking through the Forrest, all of a sudden she felt a pain in the back of her head and was knocked unconscious. Eventually she woke up, captured by some weird scientists and their mercenaries. Heavily sedated and bound to a bed in a cell, evil experiments were conducted upon here and it soon turned out, she had some kind of resistance against the infection. Although she got more wild and started to behave more and more like an animal. When an unknown third party attacked the facility, she was freed, but they told her, that there was no hope for Henry, who already turned into an infected. Feeling guilty about her brothers faith, she did not dare to return home and lived with the group, that rescued her for the next years. They soon found out, that certain medication helped to keep her wild behavior in check and teached her to fight. Eventually they traveled the area of Alice old home and she decided to separate and finally tell her parents what happened. The shelter was rotten and uninhabited though and although she staid there quite a while, her parents never returned home. Running out of medication, she lived in the wild like an animal, when one day an old man showed up and had the patience to deal with her uncontrollable nature. He slowly managed to gain her trust and she soon started to copy his behavior of abusing drugs and medication. That helped. Under medication, Alice regained her self control and the two of them grew together and accepted each other as a family. When the drug and medication supply of the area dried out, they started to wander further north, where they eventually met Johann Hintstein, a traveling medic, who told them about Nyheim. Together they traveled there, in the hope of building up a live there together.
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