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  1. My parents were born in Australia, my mother (born in 2010) was a registered nurse, and my father (born in 2003) was a doctor, they met one another through their work for an organisation called Doctors Without Borders. This was an international humanitarian medical organisation that assisted conflict zones and countries affected by endemic diseases. Nothing had prepared them for the frenzied flu outbreak, alas they would not back down and traveled to wherever it was they were needed. It was around 2036 when they found themselves based in a village near Nyheim where they had heard that a few areas had remained relatively safe. The world was continuing to collapse around them and any hopes of making it back home were lost. So, in this small, isolated community they were able to settle down and help to rebuild a safe zone and restart their lives over as best they could. I was born in 2045, unfortunately my mother died at childbirth, and I was raised by my overprotective father but also in a community that felt like a family. I grew up learning how to survive, common skills like hunting, building shelters, making fires and killing the infected. Of course, my father relayed as much of his medical knowledge on to me as possible. The skill of a healer was well sort after, and he knew this would only help me to survive. Somewhere in the early 2060’s we moved to the promise of a new city called Nyheim, here we were able to set up a small medical tent and begin helping those in need on a larger scale. Life inside the walls became the new normal, for once in my life I felt safe and secure knowing we had a large community to protect us. My father even commented saying it almost felt like the time before the flu. If only my mother could have seen this, I think she would have been proud to see humanity finally coming together for the common good. Like me, apparently, she could only see the good in the world, even through the pain and the suffering. Towards the end of the 2068, my father perished in an emergency call out to a neighboring settlement. This type of call out was rare but we were trading materials for services when we could. I begged for him to let me go with him, but he refused. The call out was an ambush. Our security crew managed to bring my father back to me, but he was barely alive, and I was unable to save him. I have been living with regret and doubt since that fatal day, my skill as a healer coming into question. Rage and anger have also plagued me, revenge on an unknown assailant fills my thoughts. Each day I must push my inner turmoil aside and help those that I can, after all I am still apart of this community, and I will do my best to keep it safe. Although will my best be enough …
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