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  1. Born in 2027 after the fall of most of society in Istanbul to father Michael still, a native born Australian and mother Susana born in Argentina and moving to Australian and a young age, rick was raised in a military facility as his father was in turkey on assignment to help with humanitarian efforts to help retain what little remanence of the settlements that remain there, fascinated with what little he knew about his fathers work and the unknowing of the detreating world he was born into rick grew with dreams of being a soldier just like his dad, devoting his life to military and survival literature learning all he could to prepare himself for his adult life, his mother not so excited to let her son venture into a decaying world he knew nothing of tried to veer him away form a life in the military as she could not bare the thought of her son facing what she new lied outside the walls, but she would not get that chance as reality would soon strike. In 2052 the facility he called home would be over run by a pack of traveling bandits, most died in the attack, including ricks mother. But rick and his father escaped across the black sea in a small fishing boat to the Crimean Peninsula and into Ukraine faced with what was out side the walls his father thought him everything he could to help him survive life outside a safe zone, rick would learn to track and hunt animals, firearms safety with his fathers hunting rifle, build small shelters, light fires and how to seek out water. wile looting a small town on the border of Russia rick and his father stumbled across a radio left on and a message of hope, food, water and most impotently, safety. ricks father knew that this was the best option for his son. rick was not so convinced and thought this a foolish venture yet they pressed on, rick desire to return to turkey to bury his mother properly caused tension between him and his father, but Michael knew though hard to admit it, there was nothing left for them in that facility. as the years passed and the journey grew long rick noticed his father wasn't as he use to be, he was getting old and the long journey was taking its toll on him. rick would spend a few years settled in Inari, Finland, a small unoccupied town at the foot of the mountains where his father would teach him to be a fair man, to be kind to all but to know when to push back if need be, to uphold good values and to not let people take advantage of him. The year was now 2059 and ricks father passed, in his last moments he made rick promise to seek out nyheim, and the promise refuge from the horrors of the world, with his father buried in a marked grave on a hill overlooking the town he presses on though against his better judgment, to for fill his fathers last wish.
  2. apologies for the misplacement of said request, and thank you for the response
  3. hi, i am looking to get help with x2 things in regard to my whitelist process 1: i am unable to link my steam acc to this profile as i have an account here from 2016 (PhobicLeaf267) that i have no recollection of e.g linked email/password i do know its not the same email as my current profile as when i request a password reset i get a password reset for this account 2: my current profile name is incorrect, i would like it changed to PHat_Phobic if possible not what is listed now this ofc being the latter of the issues i have atm thank you
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