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  1. Boris Ivanov, born on the first of January 1990 in the radiation zones of Pripyat not 4 years after the disaster struck the region. His mother and father remained in the area after the disaster, hiding from the military in the woods. These woods were highly irradiated, growing up with these doses of radiation has left most of Boris's body scared due to the radiation burning his skin when he got too close. Not much is known about Boris's father, all that is known is at the start of Winter he was there, but at the end he was not. It was an extremely harsh winter, there was no food to be found, and yet somehow Boris & his mother managed to stay nourished. No one has dared to ask. At the young age of 10 Boris's mother was attacked by an irradiated bear while the two were scouring the forest floor for mushrooms. Boris witnessed his Mother being mauled to death by the bear, an image which haunts him to this day. It is said he still has nightmares in which he sees her face in the jaw of the bear and hears her screams. From that day Boris has never spoken of the event, only those who have come to know Boris over years of trading stolen goods in the woods of Pripyat have heard the rumours. Again, none have been brave enough to pry for these answers. Boris became a drifter after his mother died, there was no reason for him to remain in the Pripyat area. He has travelled most of Europe, hunting to survive, eating when and where he can. All the while avoiding the infected as best as possible and only engaging when needed. Boris avoids other drifters, only stopping to speak to them if he is in dire need of something such as medications or ammunition. Boris has arrived on Nyheim, he plans to find himself a small outpost in the woods, and start hunting, after all he is getting old. He is getting too old to be roaming the wilds of eastern Europe, with all of its wild animals and just as wild travellers. Boris intends to stick to himself, he just wants to live out the rest of his life in the comfort of his hideout, eating his dried and cooked steaks and fish, avoiding the world that has always betrayed him, never letting him live his life as so many have done before him.
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