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  1. Hi my name's Pesho, My mom and dad was born during the second Great Depression in the 2020s and I was born in 2049. My mother had sadly had passed away due to sickness later after I had been born and I never got the chance to speak with her. My father took care of me and trained me for the future since the community wars were starting to affect areas near our group and he was getting worried. He had taught me basic survival skills and hand to hand combat, he later taught how to shoot using his old rifle given to him by my grandpa, who had used it in conflicts in the 2000-2010. I was around 16 when I killed my first infected with a shot to the head, I was a natural. We heard a commercial over our radio signal about a city that offered food and good shelter just for the price of being obedient to their law which was great for me and my family because we were in a pretty rough condition out in the field, the city was called Nyheim. Thankfully the War To End All Wars was over, everything was calm and peace was found. The city was pretty run down because of the recent conflicts but it was still inhabitable. A couple of months have passed it was the year 2065 and everything was starting to get refined and redone - old building torn down made into new ones, electricity and some signs of technology had appeared, all of the stories my grandpa had been telling me about were true. The factories were re-established, trade routes had appeared using an abandoned train line. Humanity has started to progress once more.
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