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  1. My story begins when my mom and dad met and had me as their firstborn, my father was born in the early '20s, whereas for my mother, she was born in the late '20s. They were always nice to me, with the occasional strict scolding here and there for mischief, but generally, astonishing parents and I am proud to be their son. My father worked as a computer technician and my mother worked as a flower girl. They were both good at what they were doing, I always looked up to them as great people who were working very hard in order to keep their family well fed and safe. Eventually, I decided to go along the path of my father, with a little deviation of what he does, and started studying networking and other computer science like programming and developing of software. I wasn't the best at what I did, and certainly almost failed sometimes, but I was an honest worker. At the very least, I managed to finish high school with a professional degree. I also have a brother, who is four years younger than me, that looks up to me as an example and guidance for his future self. As previously said, me and my dad love the science behind computers and anything closely related. We originally lived in a secrete small town, with not too many people, as the population was slowly moving into bigger cities and other neighboring countries. Me and my family were feeling kind of left out as there wasn't much to do or see in our town, and everything was honestly just boring. Then my father recalled about a city called Nyheim, which would be a huge landmark housing many traders and new technology, as well as many other things to see and discover. This was huge news for my family, and especially me and my dad, as we were intrigued by what sorts of technology they had there. Obviously we had to go there, so we researched more about Nyheim, which was apparently means "new home". Perfect for our state, we packed everything and headed towards Finland. It is the year of 2070 now, our life has changed tremendously. Things did not turn out to be as bright as we wished they would. Many wars were still going and bandits were roaming the streets. I have got to give it one thing though, technology was far superior than that of our hometown, which aided us in monitoring everything around us and that kept us safe, due to the knowledge of my father and I. We continued our life for a few months like that. One year has passed since then, it is the year of 2071 now. I have made two friends, one of which I would like not to disclose as he is very sensitive to private information, but the other is called Pesho. We three formed a group called Bratva. It is generally a group between us three that identifies us as teammates, not much more than that. We work together, and scavenge together, as I no longer live with my family in order for them to not use any supplies on me. I felt uneasy as they would have to use up precious supplies on me, such as food and water, which I better of have them take. I hope that they are still well and good, as I haven't seen them for several months now, and will probably never see them again. All I have to do is believe in them. As four our group Bratva, me and my squad roam the streets and find whatever we can in order to stay alive. We have developed numerous skills in order to survive in this harsh environment, such as marksmanship and other tactical activities. Just like me, my two friends are honest and nice guys, but if duty calls, we will take actions into our own hands and do anything to survive. This is all for my story, the end.
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