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  1. Before reaching Nyheim, James travelled. He travelled a lot, it’s all he wanted to do. Here, there, anywhere. Trying to stay out of trouble wherever possible, doing whatever it took to survive. And that is all he does to this day, Survive. He made friends on his travels. He made enemies. He killed, he saved. Loved, hated. All just becoming so tedious, no remorse, no regrets, just survival. Originating from Scotland he’s made his way round in his 40 odd years, he stopped counting after 30. Picking up bits and bats from all he’s encountered, becoming a Jack-of-all-trades. Even learning Norwegian from a brief friend along his travels. Not much can really be said about James, cautious and sceptical. He’s seen it all, and yet some things still surprise him. *OOC Note - More information to be added after whitelist application*
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