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  1. Lieutenant Chang was born in 2037 between the new breed and some things never change with resources getting low and people getting angry Chang's mother decided to take him away from the group in hope that he would be able to survive. During the first few years of Chang life he watched his mother become thinner and thinner, This was because of the lack of food she was consuming a year later on Chang 3 birthday she would die from starvation eventually someone saw Chang, and instead of just leaving him there to die beside his mother Chang was taken to a small group there where a total of 6 people in this group all upset that the guy brought Chang with them this lead into a heated argument in the group. eventually, Chang was allowed to stay the group decided to head up to Nyheim they heard that this flu didn't affect it as much because of the cold it would take 14 years before Chang and the group would make it with now a total of only 4 people 2 of them died from the travel up there. That's when we heard on a car radio we got on about a group in Nyheim when traveling toward the area Chang group was attacked by a bandit group leading to 2 of people deaths and 1 injured Chang was the only one to make it out of the area within a year the other man would finally die because of his wound. eventually, Chang decided to take a cabin and live in it for the time he only went out to hunt for animals and to cut would for his fire. without anyone around him, he began to forget how much time went past until one day he decided to leave his cabin in the woods to search for a better way of life.
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