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  1. Garry was a lost soul in the damp streets of England stuck with no place to stay and no money, and he makes a decision that affect the course of his future... He decided to get away and start fresh somewhere else so he waits until late at night and goes to the docks and steals a sailing boat and as many supply's as he possibly could and set off with no set route. after weeks and weeks of seeing no land he eventually washed up on the beaches of chernarous. he quickly became aware of the situation of chernarous and did what he could to defend himself from the infected and has been using the medical skills he acquired from medical school to fix up his own wounds. weeks of scavenging on chernarous for the bare minimum Garry finally decides it is time that he starts taking a stand for himself against both hostile people and the infected, but first of he needs to get some kind of weapon......
  2. have accidentally forgotten my dayz in game name and I keep getting kicked out of the server, and I believe it is to do with that