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  1. (CHARACTER NOT BASED OFF OF CANADIAN ACTOR/SINGER. I chose this name randomly, and didn't know there was someone well-known with the same name until now.) Born in Los Angeles, his family began to go through terrible times almost immediately after he was born due to the virus that would sweep over the entire country within a few years. Sooner or later, they were going to be kicked out, and eventually, they came to the decision that they had to abandon David at an early age to where he was able to fend for himself. It wasn't enough, though, as they still lost the house and are roaming around the city streets, somewhere. Around when David was 9, he began to fully understand how to survive on the streets of LA and started to make his clothing out of small animals like rabbits that he hunted around the nearby forests. As he grew, so did his knowledge of the forest. As time went on, he began to start selling items he had found on the outskirts of the city and eventually made his own business out of it. They say history repeats itself, so, just like his parents, he made less and less money as people started to forget about the business that he had started. He went bankrupt and lost his business just like his father & mother had lost their house and their child. David started to take walks soon after and reflect on his past life around when he was 19. Unfortunately, on one of these walks near the cliff faces of the west coast, he hadn't seen a small rock and had tripped over it, splashing down into the wavy saltwater below, hitting his head on many rocks along the way. He healed quite quickly, due to the next-gen chemicals that were dumped into the water recently, however, he was going to have some memory loss about what had gone on those past 19 years. He wouldn't be able to remember his parents, his home, or where he was born, but his knowledge of wasteland survival would stick with him for the years to come. Only a few days after, CAE-VIR-2 had swept over the city and any remaining individuals were no longer aided by the government and left to rot within city boundaries. He had, surprisingly, survived the journey in the water from LA to Hawaii, which hadn't been affected much by the virus. He would have to recover for another year, and would then take a boat that he had found on one of the islands to Asia. Over the years, he traveled through radiation from nuclear reactors that had been detonated in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus, he traveled through deserts that were once massive lakes filled with life, and he traveled through cities that were once filled with thriving communities, none of which would have the materials or security for him to survive. Soon, he would come across Nyheim and would decide that this is where he should be. With nearly no knowledge of his past asides from the ability to survive on his own in the wild, he would have come here seeking answers, unfortunately, answers he would not find, nor answers that existed.
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