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  1. It has been 1467 days since Finch lost her family. She was lucky to survive, yet most days she wishes she didn't. After what happened, she was constantly on the move, only resting at night. But even then, she wasn't resting. Just waiting for death to catch up to her. Finch is obsessed with planning ahead and being prepared. Constantly trying to control every possible outcome. Which is futile, because life is anything but predictable. The lack of control she feels spirals her into sadness. Finch struggles with alcoholism, trying to drown her sorrows, even if it tastes awful. She watches birds when she needs to escape, and can even mimic different calls. She collects fallen feathers in a tin case. It acts as a reminder to stay hopeful. It doesn't really inspire hope, per se, but it has kept her alive. Finch is fiercely loyal to those she trusts, prepared to do anything to protect them. She overcompensates because she still blames herself for her family's death. She despises bandits and anyone who seeks to hurt others and has made it her mission to help anyone in need.
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