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  1. I personally am a newcomer to DayzRP, having been here a little over a week, and I can say I’ve had nothing but a positive experience with Sokabi. So speaking as a new player; I’d like to share my experience with them. When i first loaded into the game, I decided to settle a town, I had recruited a couple of citizens, and had heard numerous stories from other groups and civilians that Sobaki is bad people, they are gonna come in, raid your town, and take everything you own or kill all your people. It was mainly groups saying that, but some random individuals as well. Now, I don’t know what this group was like before my arrival to the server, but from my first interaction and all of the ones since, they have been amazing. @Masonwas the first member I ever met, and he was strolling through my town one day with two other Sobaki members. Not realizing who they were, I went into my sales pitch, talked about how I want to rebuild the world, and offered them shelter. Instead of robbing me, torturing me, or doing any of the other horrible things I was told would happen to me, @Masonand @Mikedecided they wanted to help build this town, and help my character realize his dream of creating a community. They agreed not to tax my community members, and that they would help provide nails, and other supplies. What did they want in return? Nothing. It was simply a kind gesture. Not two days after this agreement between us, was Sin City formed. Sobaki obviously had tensions there, and eventually used my town as a staging ground for one of their attacks. I wasn’t happy about it, and it ended up getting me shot… twice….. but it created really fun roleplay opportunities with Sin City that I absolutely would not have had otherwise. Flash forward to now, and Sobaki is still working to help fulfill my RP goals, and my towns RP goals even at their own expense. They are a bandit group yes, but I think they are getting a really really bad rap not only IC but OOC as well. I hope this feedback doesn’t upset anyone or rub anyone the wrong way, I just wanted to share a side to Sobaki that I felt is not being properly represented. IC and OOC they have been the kindest group of people I’ve come across in DayzRP. I look forward to many more Roleplay encounters with them.
  2. Not gonna lie, that 800m snipe was probably the best shot I have ever seen in Dayz
  3. Got into some interesting RP with y’all today. Took over my whole town and even brought hostages too it. Thought the RP was pretty good, if not also terrifying. I get pretty invested in my characters so the fear I had not only when y’all came in, but when Sin City came after me as well, was intense and I felt it. Was fun!
  4. Hey guys, got whitelisted not too long ago and decided to drop in and say hello! I’ll apologize in advance for formatting, typing this from my cellphone. My name is Vincent and I’m 23 years old. Currently working full time and saving up money for law school! I’ve been super interested in joining this community for years, but didn’t have a gaming PC until a little under a year ago. Finally taking the time to get into what I’m hoping will be an amazing experience. I look forward to meeting everyone in game, and if you’ve read my characters background here, you’ll know I’m even more excited to get into some trouble with PLIKT!
  5. Vincenzo was born on February 4th 2050 to Amelia and Salvatore Lombardi, who were in their mid thirties at the time of Vincenzo's birth. His family resided in Nyheim, during a time that preceded the great unrest that would follow come the 2060's and present time. Vincenzo's father Salvatore, or "Big Sal'' as he was more commonly called, was a construction worker in Nyheim. It was not much but it was honest work, and there was always something being built in Nyheim, especially during the 60's when walls were surrounding the ever expanding city, and businesses were opening up all over the city. Vincenzo's mother Amelia did exactly what a stereotypical Italian mother would do, stayed at home, took care of Vincenzo, and played cards with her girlfriends on Sundays. Life was pretty normal, as normal as it could be in an apocalypse at least. Until 2069 at least. The PLIKT, the governing body of Nyheim, had started to suppress the citizens of Nyheim, labelling it as protection from infections spreading within the city. Entire sections of the city would be quarantined off at a time, all in the name of protection. Big Sal was never much of a fan of the PLIKT, but they kept him employed and his family fed, so he never spoke out against them directly. Mostly just discuss his thoughts with his wife and son. Vincenzo, now being nineteen years old, had been helping his dad in the construction business and on construction projects around the city. One morning, Vincenzo and his father were tasked with heading into a sectioned off area of Quarantine Zone A-3, to repair part of a concrete wall that had been busted up pretty badly. The PLIKT had soldiers stationed nearby to watch over them while they worked, keeping any potential sick people out of the way. Suddenly alarm bells rang, sirens exploding in a cacophony of screams, the pair exchanged worried glances, confused as to what was going on. Glancing to their left they saw PLIKT police forces scrambling over the walls, seeming just as surprised as Vincenzo and Big Sal. The pair raced toward the wall that the soldiers climbed over, and that's when they heard the explosions. Bombs going off at every corner of the Quarantine Zone, buildings collapsing in instants. Vincenzo was frozen, stunned at the chaos he was witnessing. The mayhem, the destruction. Taking all this in, Vincenzo suddenly felt a hit, as though a truck had run into him. Turning as he fell was Sal, yelling something inaudible over the explosions. As the pair made eye contact, Vincenzo watched, as a collapsing building fell over his father. The last we would ever see of him. The PLIKT paid out a small compensation to Vincenzo and his mother, compensation for the accidental loss of life. Vincenzo and his father were not supposed to have been on the side of the QZ, someone in management messed up. Yet none of that matters. The PLIKT, either by incompetence or malice, had gotten Vincenzo's father killed. Vengeance was sworn that day, but Vincenzo was no fool. Vengeance is not something you seek in a day, the patient man is rewarded with his prize, while the rash man always pays the price of failure. Vincenzo continued doing construction for the PLIKT, making sure to pay special attention to the layout of every place he worked, as well as the stability of the construction projects done before his time. Always looking for weakness, always thinking. You see, Vincenzo was by no means strong, but what he was, was cunning. He took no part in the riots, the protests, or the eventually rebellion that took place. He stayed in place, as a good little construction worker. Bidding his time, and building a network of people he could count on, before he would one day make his move against this corrupt and foolish government.
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