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  1. In fact, the situation where this happened previously it was actually the exact same person who decided to execute my friend in the previous encounter. To quote sharaya from that report "the thought of a stranger helping these two is impossible so it was pretty obvious to us they are friends . i decided to excute him but to keep his friend alive and after a good rp session his friend was released with no harm." The report concluded with an an admin saying "your execution was invalid and had no RP purpose at all. After all you were a complying hostage. What should have happened was that after you were shot by your friend, you should have been taken care off, so that the situation could have been role-played out. " A couple days later and he does the exact same thing after an admin explicitly told him 2 days previously that it was not a valid reason for executing someone. Nice.
  2. Rhys Chambers POV Was watching with an SVD for a while, once they started initiating on Max I shot the man next to him with the SVD in the chest. I then started being shot at by other members of their group and I re-positioned. I saw two white armband guys trying to flank me so I jumped out of a bush and sprayed with my ump and died. Max was a complying hostage and just because I started shooting at his aggressors did not give them a right to execute him. Last time I encountered this same group my friend was killed for the exactly the same invalid reason. You can't execute for that reason.
  3. I was playing as normal on EU1 when I started to lose connection, I got an error message about something to do with battle-eye, though I don't think it said that Battle-eye stopped responding. I am able to join other dayz servers but I cannot see the DayZRP servers in my server list, I cannot join through steam via my friends. When I try and join through the steam server list it doesn't say DayzRP EU1 but just the IP of the server. I've restarted my game, steam, computer and my router with no luck. My friends are on the server right now and I have no idea why I'm unable to join Nevermind, just reloaded game list and it was there. Took about an hour to resolve this issue but it seemed to correct itself.
  4. Jamey494

    RP1 badRP/ gear>RP vybor military compound-2/26/2016 21:00

    Personally, I am satisfied with the response from the accused, but it's not my report so it's not up to me whether to continue with this report or not.
  5. Jamey494

    RP1 badRP/ gear>RP vybor military compound-2/26/2016 21:00

    Rhys Chambers here, they told us to put our hands up and stand on the other side of the barracks, they tied us up and told us to shut up. It wasn't a very interactive robbery, they didn't say anything really and didn't have much interest in anything we had to say. Whilst I thought the RP wasn't great it wasn't the worst and not something I think anyone should be banned over, but it was a pretty shitty experience for myself and Kyrstof, especially so for Kyrstof since they essentially only took interest in his ammunition and his AK, they left my inventory pretty much untouched other than a Kashtan scope, I think they just need to be reminded that a robbery needs to also provide RP for both parties since it was painfully obvious they just wanted to quickly get an AK for themselves (since one only had a winchester)
  6. Rhys Chambers here, one of the two guys who were with you, as we began to run away we heard gunshots fly past us, weren't sure where they were coming from, we were worried you guys began shooting at us so we put a lot of distance between ourselves and you guys. I assume the gunshots that were flying past us were shot by the same people that shot at you
  7. Rhys Chambers here, with Tomi Virtanen, whilst we are not at all related to the death of Caspin, we are the people who killed Antonin, albeit accidentally. We followed the bus from the bus terminal near Vavilovo when we saw it drive past, thinking it was heading towards an encampment we could raid and stock up on supplies from. It stopped half way along the road and then continued again, a body and a tire were left where the Bus had stopped, the body of Caspin I believe fell out the bus at this point. It drove to the edge of the map and circled round which is when we decided we were going to pull the bus over and question those inside, on information of where they were going, if they had a base, and why they left a body in the middle of the road. I stood in the middle of the road as the bus approached and spoke over voice with my gun raised demanding they pull over, they didn't stop so I began writing in text for them to pull over, but stopped because they were well out of range to see the text by the time I'd finished writing, so me and Tomi decided to begin shooting at the tires which is when the bus stopped, we assumed we shot a tire out but apparently the driver, Antonin, got caught by one of the bullets. This is a reply for Antonin's death, we had no involvement with the killing of Caspin.
  8. This is very true although personally me and my friends have been sniped and we don't bother reporting because we know there's really nothing that can be done at the moment if we don't have names or proof of any sort
  9. Does anyone know why KoS has recently become a very prominent issue? There seems to have been an influx of KoS over the last couple days and the only thing I can think of is youtubers like PSISyndicate showing DayZrp off and people joining to KoS
  10. Just wondering if all the servers are on one private hive, or if a character is unique to each dayzrp server. Thanks