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  1. Leone Grew up in what was practically hell But thanks to family and friends. He had seen civilization fall and rise again and he still continued to stand for people, this was due to all the people who helped him grow up in a calmer more natural environment; Even allowing him to gain an education in the form of a PHD in Surgery at least that's what he was led to believe seeing as college wasn't as large as a thing anymore. But that didn't matter he was ready to help people he was ready to save lives but something was missing something important see Leone didn't learn how to use a gun not until he was shot a few short years before he officially finished "School". That day he decided to take some courses at the firing ranges in Nyheim, so he would, at the bare minimum be able to protect his patients and himself and with this knowledge in hand he went on to be a Doctor in a few emergency surgeon centers until he yet again witnessed the fall of civilization and due to his mostly sheltered life he truly was not prepared for the new hell that was about to reign.
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