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  1. upon arriving on the island and entering the first town, There was unusual activity with people looking unhuman and chasing animals making grunting noises almost like screams. we was attacked by a number of these people in great force so we was made to retreat back to the ship in the ocean. many of the other surviving comrades started to become ill, started with a fever and then they became aggressive so they where locked away in a room with the doors sealed behind. Food began to rot and drinking water was running low, With no contact from outside of the island, help does not look like its coming soon so it is time to venture out. Jonny Little is a trained Military operative and is rarely scared of anything, These creations are new and never seen before so jonny is hesitant about approaching these. He wants to find life on the island whether they are in a group or surviving solo. Jonny believes the best way to survive is if he has company otherwise he will end up becoming mentally ill due to talking to himself. Jonny is 29 years old Military trained survival trained before becoming involved in the military he used to own a shoe shop back in the UK and spend many nights having a laugh and spending the money he has gained from the business on drink and parties. He is a friendly person but finds it hard to trust strangers especially given the current situation. He will be looking for friendships and potentially beginning a shoe shop business on the island selling leather sowing kits to keep business's operating and trying to make the most of a bad situation by keeping some normality on the island. His main aim is to survive long enough so he can make contact with his regiment back in the UK for rescue.
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