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  1. Home Josef Müller was born in Bechtesgaden as a small community was forming in that area. Just above it, in Obersalzburg, was der Hügel. A very defensible location that many in Bavaria flocked to, this community began flourishing. As he was growing up in this settlement, however, it was increasingly less peaceful. By the time he was 4, skirmishes were breaking out -- occasionally within earshot -- and conflicts only continued to escalate from there. His community was constantly being tested, and Müller did not find that it was reacting well. As conflicts continue to grow, so did people's expectations for him to join in it. Refugees continued to find their way to der Hügel, and as they did the community grew -- and as it grew, so did its need for resources. Coming of age, Müller was being thrust into a military position. As a native of the community, he had the trust of everyone within. They'd known him since he was a mere child, and so groomed him to become yet another armed enforcer for his community. As he turned 17, 18, 19, he was pressured into more scavenging, more looting, and on occasion a raid. His expertise in the wasteland grew, but so did his dissatisfaction with his own community. He continued to believe there must be a better more peaceful resolution, and each day he'd continued hearing one that stuck with him: Nyheim Since he was young, Müller had known of a thriving city called Nyheim but was always skeptical -- nothing so perfect could exist, could it? As he continued to grow less happy with der Hügel, however, combined with him hearing word that many Europeans were being welcomed along the outskirts of the city, Müller made the decision to migrate. He packed what he needed into a single backpack and left silently without a word to anyone he'd known back home. In 2071 his journey had started a new chapter as he finally entered the outskirts of Nyheim.
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