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  1. Kyle Robert Gibbs was born on the 30th of December, 1999 to Ex-Military soldier Markus Gibbs, and Professional cleaner Johanna Gibbs. His mother, Johanna Gibbs worked for a Professional Cleaning company in New Zealand. She had always been obsessive over cleanliness and order, and had met Markus Gibbs while cleaning the barracks of his Military Camp. A few bad taste jokes and the appeal of a Military man as her husband had Johanna falling on her knees for Markus. They met in 1990. His father, Markus Gibbs, had served in the Gulf War in Afghanistan in 1991. Despite their quick victory against Iraq, Markus had suffered great casualties in his own personal squad. Returning home to New Zealand wasn't the same as when he had left. Markus' mental state very slowly began to decline, dragging him further and further down the road of insanity. The birth of Kyle Gibbs was not a welcome one. Conceived unintentionally, Kyle came into the world abused and degraded from the start. When the al Qaeda struck the twin towers in 2001, Markus' mentality plummeted, causing him to see pro democracy groups and such alike. This led to Kyle being abused by his father, both physically and mentally as Kyle naturally saw the world as a fair place. His mother, Johanna was sweet to Kyle but only when Markus was otherwise occupied. In 2017, Markus' mental state had declined beyond recovery, and he took his own life locked in the attic of their grey and lifeless estate house. Needing an escape from her husbands death, Johanna took Kyle and fled to Australia, where they settled in Geelong near Melbourne. The sun and golden sand wasn't enough to help her though, and her need for order became extreme. Kyle had escaped one monster, but that only led to the creation of another. Despite the odds (or possibly due to them), Kyle successfully completed his training to become a paramedic. After seeing what loss of life can do to people, he had decided he would do his part to prevent it. Kyle got a job in a local hospital, and after a few years of saving he was finally able to fulfill his life long wish. To travel to the newly founded state of Nyheim. He abandoned his mother in 2019 to make a trip to the state with the hopes of immigrating. However, his abusive childhood had led to him being anxious around newcomers and faces he didn't recognize. He had plans to return to Australia to get to a more familiar environment when the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened. An outbreak, an incurable disease
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