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  1. Born in the City of Angels, I moved to Monterey as a Juvenile. Shortly after my arrival I started hanging out with the wrong crowd, and ended up in the foster care system for 6 years, where I learned how to be street smart and survive. After High School I found that I did not have money to go to college, nor was in a hurry to go back to school. This led me to going from job to job, before finally applying to the local Sheriffs Office, where I was hired. A few years into my career I was chosen to be on the department S.R.T/ S.W.A.T team where I eventually became assistant team leader, and was present for more than 50 operations. At the start of the collapse, as militaries started to fall, I was contacted my a mutual friend, who offered me a position in a private security contractor Q.R.F ( Quick Reaction Force) who were deploying to Nyheim to assist in government operations. I accepted due to the promise of adventure and fair pay. Boy was I wrong. Shortly after landing in Nyheim, I witnessed first hand the destruction that came with this mysterious virus. The government quickly fell as did any means of leaving Nyheim with it. While attempting to secure transport away from Nyheim my group was attacked by a group of bandits, who tortured and killed my teammates. They left me alive only to tell others of their sick and evil ways. From that point on I was stranded on Nyheim and I was determined that when ever possible I would seek out banditry and end it, through whatever means possible. A year later, I tracked down the group responsible, and was able to dispatch many of their members, before confronting the leader. During this confrontation, the leader, who was hurt managed to escape, I am still looking for him to this day.
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