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  1. but how? i am already whitelisted.
  2. anyone figure out how i can do this?
  3. Alright thank you so much man, now how do I go about getting this set up?
  4. So I have Dayz Standalone on one of my steam accounts but I have Arma 2 CO on a different steam account, is there anyway I can have my one GUID for DayzSA, and my one GUID for Arma 2 CO be linked to this DayZRP account so I can play on both servers if I would like to do so?
  5. So i just created my account on the forums recently and I got approved.(Thank you guys very much) Now my brother wants to play with me on the DayzRP servers but every time he goes to create a forum account it says he has to wait 670+ hours to create one. Is there anyway you guys can either lift that or make an exception. He wanted me to ask one of the staff here on the forums to see what we can do to get him on the servers.
  6. Just wanting to say hello to the community and hope everything is going swell for all of you. Information about me: My name is Ryan "Big Rig" Boreck and I used to be a truck driver in the USA. I moved to Chernarus because I have really bad anger issues and my wife Hali left me. I came here for a better life and to try and forget the past. I have had some strange encounters so far since I moved here. If you have any questions for me or would like to talk to me, feel free to message me. Stay frosty Big Rig