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  1. Alex was born the year of 2051 During winter time, in a small house with his dad and his mother. in a city called Kristianstad in one of the 21 county's of sweden called skåne. sadly his mother "Hilda" died in childbirth due to his dad having to perform a C-Section to get him out, it was either both of us or just my mom having to die. due to most hospitals closing down within the county. causing stuff like childbirth and general illness not prioritized. during the time of 2050-2065 the only thing you would be able to get help for would be the virus in return that you let scientists experiment on you in attemt to get a further understanding of the current tragedy around the world. in the year of 2061 when alex was 10 years old his dad went out to get supplies to survive yet another month of quarantine or atleast for me. i had never seen further than our upper floor window allowed. time went by, i sat upstairs waiting for my dad to get back home to signal me to unlock our garage door so he could get in. time went by slowly feelt like multiple days. of complete loneliness. finally i heard my dad outside yelling at me to open the door. i ran downstairs to go open the garage to let him in. after i let him in i saw like many times before a half emty bag of supplies. asked my dad how long that would last us, so he told me not to worry and that he would go out later that evening to serch for more, so i went to bed that night worried and yet again lonely thinking about how life would look if i could just have been born during a diffrent time, Maybe even in a separate universe. later on 6 years passed its now 13th october 2067 im today turning 16 years old. dads gotten skinnier hairs gotten longer, body weaker, i cant but help to get the feeling that im old enough to take care of him as he took care of me when i was weak. so i proposed that its my turn to do the supply runs he clearly didnt like the idea he even went as far as to forbid me to go outside he said that i was never allowed to go outside for a long time. as theres full of sickness selfishness greed outside of our doors. everyone so scared for themselfs that they seems to have forgotten that were all here together in this world. that we all feel the same emotions and pain as a response to certain actions and events. but i see through his words i know he blames himself for not being able to save both me and my mom, that making sure i get the best life achievable during these times. that my mom's life was sacrificed so that i could live and that its the least he could do for is old partner his bestfriend his soul-Keeper... later that same night i sneak out fearing that if my dad would do this run in his current state i might never see him again. as i get closer towards the main city also called kristianstad my jaw drops. as ive never seen such structures before in my entire life. ive always just watched our fields our trees our road, anything in distance of my upstairs window. but as i sneak into some sorts of a facility withing kristianstad i find these notes and maps scattered all over the floor and walls, even seems as the person either owning or living in that room ran out of paper since even the walls and the roof was filled with symbols words notes drawings anything. i look up to the sky through the window and come to the conclusion i got plenty of time left until i need to get bakc home before dad wakes up. so i get the idea that it would be intresting to see whats been written in the notes, but yet again i look up towards the sky wondering if i will have time to read it all before sunrise. i knew my reading skills werent that good or so i believe. since only my dad has given his opinion on it. but as i read longer and longer through the notes i notice these are the notes of a madman. of a human being slowly note after note. falling into madness. with all kinds of words being put into sentences where they dont belong. as i read on i feel this sadness i can actually feel this lonliness anger regret of the person writing. the notes talk about all kinds of jibberish but mosly seem focused on this place calle Nyheim. i cant help but think it sound extremely old my dad told me about stories he had heard about hundreds of years ago. he called them true viking stories, that no one even knew if they were true. he mentions all kinds of word towns names and they all seemed like actuall words but with an ancient accent i suppose. but i notice that theyre dates for this place going back not far at all. i find news papers attached to the back of the notes describing a place free of sickness free of infected, a society aimed to be like the old. with food with water with medecine. and most importnant of all "Purpose". i hear gunshots quietly in the distance. i get filled with this feeling of panic, i decide to throw the notes in my bag knowingly my dad would be pissed i sneaked out but even more that i didnt bring any supplies back. as i run back i see a mystic light in the sky almost orange/yellow. as i pass the last trees to my house i see it burning. i run towards the garage gate i crawl inside looking for my dad screaming his name. but just the heat the brightness the smoke passing through my throath down into my lungs i feel a Pain i can barely speak a word. i decide to go outside to see if my dad made it out since i heard gunshots im left to imagine he was attacked by something, but not infected as i dont recall my dad telling me about them having weapons, so im left to believe he was taken by greedy humans, now with no one at my side. i remember what i read and realise that the least i can do for my parents would be to find that place spoken of in the notes. so i decide to make my journey towards this "Nyheim" 2 years passed as i scrambled all information i could about this Nyheim near the end of 2070 you could almost believe i live of notes instead of actuall food considering my bag contains mostly of notes about a place with no actuall footage of ever existing just rumors of it existing in the north of norway. as i approach the northern part of norway i reach a town of sorts called alta, so i get to the point where im running low on food with infected everywhere. so i need to make the decision of either going west or east, so i flip and old coin i found on my travels. telling me to go east. as ive walked for what feels like an eternity dreaming of a future with me in this heavenly town Nyheim finding my dad or atlest find information of his whereabouts or what happpened that morning. i sudden see a light in the distance first thinking it has to be the stars in the sky. but remembering its cloudy so i come to the conclusion im hallucinating, as i near the light i see a wall. not seing any gates and infected surrounding the wall i feel a stone drop inside me like all hope i earlier this night feelt. i sit down at the shore watching the sea. i grab my knife from my pocket and think this has to be it. i can no longer continue theres literally nothing left for me. my only chance of a life, of answers. is behind a horde of infected. im tired of it all. but then i see a boat somewhere along the shore next to some rocks with some sort of plastic tarp looking cover. so i put it in water knowing it has a tiny hole in the bottom. i think that i might aswell see if i can make it aroudn the wall anyhow wouldnt matter much if i didnt, but if i did it would be my salvation. so i row out deeper into the sea with the water sipping in from the tiny hole in the boat which im trying to put my boat over in trial of making it leak slower. my arms hurt my body hurts everything just hurts. im tired i cant continue. not even knowing its just a couple meters left until ive gone round the wall. as i pass the wall and go towars inland. i feel water on my knee waking up from my half asleep dream.realising i feel asleep the boat is now filled with water. the boat sinks. me not knowing how to swim gasps for the last breath i can take. then it all goes black... later the day after i get woken by a bird picking at my forehead and realise i finally made it i've finally reached "Nyheim" ....
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