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  1. No thank you, I understand now. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi! looking forward to get in and RP with everyone, however my application was denied on the grounds of "NLR is missing key details. Please re-read all of the rules" I really don't understand what I missed in my application? Here is what i wrote about NLR "The server implements a partial new life rule while playing. The New life rule means upon death you forget everything specific about your previous life, you forget where you body is, you forget the gear you had and even the area surrounding the death. You also forget everything that led up to your death so you can not go back and get revenge on the people that killed you (providing you were actually killed by a person). There are however unique circumstances where the NLR rule is ineffective, for example if you were to die to a glitch you could infact return to your body. When you die you can also remember very un-specific things about your character like where camps are and who/what various clans do aswell as remembering locations of your tents." It falls well within the character requirement and i feel as if i have touched of every point of the NLR rules, anyone / any staff member mind pointing out what i did wrong and what i could improve upon? Thank you, I hope to meet you all when/if I am able to get in!