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  1. Mason Abel was born during the late 2040's within the city of Nyheim. Mason's parents sought refuge in the city of Nyheim, the holy words regarding food and water being supplied was music to their ears after the war. This became the main motivation for his parents to move to Nyheim, especially with having to look after a young child which they were unable to look after if it wasn't for the promises that the higher ups of Nyheim made. Everything was going well for the Abel family until around the time of the Bombing of Nyheim, with the increase of infections rising within the city of Nyheim and the new laws that were slapped in place to prevent further infection, the Abel family began to feel unsafe like many other families but devastation hit the Abel's quickly when it came to light that Mason's mother came within contact with a member of the infected and began showing visible signs of the infection attacking Nyheim. Mason's father locked her in one of the rooms within the house, still loving her too much to let her go, he tried everything possible to try bring her back to health and fight the infection but alas the infection reached the victory line. Mason's mother kept locked in that room of the house, away from sight of the officials. All hell broke loose when officials barged into the residence to preform a check-up on the family after Mason's mother was unable to make her required appointment, the invading officials located the now "infected" mother, who was nothing more but a walking corpse and put her down on the spot to follow their orders. Mason's father fought with the officials to let her "live" to which they beat him down and refused to listen, once they had dealt with the mother of the Abel family, they targeted both Mason and his father. Mason's father shouted at the top of his lungs, ordering Mason to run before the sounds of gunshots began to fill the apartment, Mason made his escape, tears streaming down his face as each gunshot makes him tremble on the spot, now parent-less within the city of Nyheim. Mason lived off the streets through the rest of his younger years and even now, scavenging whatever scraps he could find to keep himself pushing to the next day and away from the sight and ears of the patrolling officials, knowing he was somewhere on a list of people to be put in the same place his mother and father were sent. Mason met a couple people on his travels but always kept himself to be a "lone wolf", scared of compassion and attachment, he decided to never stay in the same place longer than he should and never staying with a group of people. As the chaos of the early 70's began to spark, Mason stood with the side of the rebels and likeminded individuals to stand up against PLIKT's reign; because of his actions, Mason earned the alias "Haze", regarding his ability to be quick on his feet, a force that would strike quick and be gone before you would be able to question what happened. Mason earned the skill of using smoke to his advantage as the alias began to take shape. Although throughout all the fights Mason fought with the rebel force, he decided against moving on the government building with the rest of the strike force but instead went his own way to continue his solo path as a "lone wolf", even though he made a bundle of friends throughout the months, his rule of never sticking around came into play so he moved on. The news of the Bloody Christmas Eve shook the city and soon enough reached its way to Mason from people talking on the streets, a sigh of relief for Mason sticking to his number one rule but another moment of sadness to take form due to all the people lost in the strike that he called friend. Mason keeps to himself within the present day, sticking to his rules and wanders the city in hopes of one day finding peace within the city of Nyheim.
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