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  1. 2050 - Zed was born in a cabin in the woods somewhere near Alta, both of his parents from New Orleans Settlement traveling overseas in hopes for better protection. Zed's mother Kaitlin had passed away giving birth to him. His father Frank raised him and took care of him as long as he could. Zed and his father would travel around looking for new settlements in search of a safe place but would always get turned away or found no luck in any signs of human activity. 2055 - When Zed was 4 years old, he and his father heard of a place called Nyheim over a radio broadcast. He and his father were struggling immensely on a regular basis. They flipped through different radio frequencies once a week for half an hour., so to them it seemed almost impossible. This place offered food, shelter, and water. In exchange they had to follow their laws. Unfortunately they never made it there. Zed's father became very ill it seemed as if he wasn't going to make it. His father had what they believed to be Terminal Cancer. 2063 - For the next 8 years Zed would take care of his father on bedrest, hunting and scrounging up what little food he could find. Medicine for them was a luxury that rarely had a lot of the time the pain killers would help ease his fathers pain. 2065 - 2 more years pass and his father would miraculously make nearly a fully recovery. They decided to stay put until his father regained his strength but would eventually set out again to find Nyheim in hopes that it was still there. Zed now 14 was very strong after many years of caring for his father. He was also very stealthy and creative on how to survive now. It was almost too easy for him to get in and out of anywhere without brining attention to himself. Once his father recovered they set out in search once more. As they were making their trip to search for their safe haven they found an old gas station where they would spend the night. Zed woke up in the middle of the night and thought he was hearing voices. he left the room to investigate only to find 3 bandits holding his father at gunpoint. The men took his father and everything they had. Food, water, almost everything. All Zed had left was his pack, the clothes on his back, a hunting knife and a small handgun with a suppressor that his father gave him. He had no ammunition so he had to rely on his wits to get more food and water. 2071 - 6 years pass, still no luck finding his father. He is starting to become hopeless. He is still surviving but is very depressed without his father around, He's thinking about trying for the settlement again. Maybe he's there, they talked about it so often it would only make sense to find him there.
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