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  1. Character background. Iceleaf is a nickname of Beorn Hanse from the childhood. Beorn is an old mythic Norse name. Beorn's weakness is a shy person and struggling a bit with social anxiety in certain situations in life. So obviously he will try to avoid conflicts and hide in the shadows in the outskirts of Cherno listen to strange noises from the city and wildlife, because Beorn is also a curious person, but very cautious and silent. Boern hate guns like the plague and, of course, zombies - so he have adapted to be a hunter and live with the nature and his favorite weapon is a crossbow. Beorn will always sleep in the forest - so perhaps you will hear Beorn's voice when he is in a happy mood around the campfire with his deep grumbling voice. In rare circumstances he helps traveler with food and basic equipment, but he is a very shy person so hard to track him - Beorn likes to avoid being seen, and he is an expert to hide in shadows if necessary. Beorn's habit is to play an instrument on his flute after dark, and sometimes you might hear him in far distance. Yeah, I understand Burgz. I usually play Dayz like a movie, but I don't post youtube videos or record it though, but I enjoy the game immensely. Hehe, thanks man, I've read the ruleset twice, but my english is my second language - so I've no idea what the Rules Passphrase is to get access into the server. pls. help me.
  2. Yeah, it's a nick name, but I can use two names in-game and think about a different approach which might be more lore friendly. It's still a game though even though it's rp within Dayzrp setting.
  3. Greetings survivors this will be a mystic journey for sure. I was very excited when I read we have both day and night time. I've played D&D with dices for a decade so I'm familiar how to roleplay a character in-game. A brief character background. I've decided that Iceleaf which is my character name in-game have mysteriously vanished from a peaceful vacation on Hawai after a beach party. And I suddenly woke up confused with a serious headache and hunger on a beach near the dangerous coasts in Dayz. In fact, it turns out to be a nightmare.. So the journey begin. )) -Iceleaf