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  1. Born in West London, Chris Bridges lived quite a busy and hectic life. When Chris turned 8 he moved out of the city and into the countryside. He quickly became infactuated with nature. He would regularly go on walks with his mum and dog. His father still worked and lived in London, so Chris would occasionally go back up to the city. Throughout his teenage years, Chris would come to realise that he much prefered the quiet of the countryside instead of the chaotic and noisy city. Chris would go on to discover his passion for film making. He would regularly go out and make short films with his friends in the forests near his home. However, in his late teens, Chris got into the world of drugs. Weed quickly became his favourite passtime. Luckily for him, some of the short films he made with his friends were seen by a film industry professional, who quickly hired Chris and offered him a position as a camera man. He got to see all different parts of the UK and then later the world. He travelled across the globe filming for news stations, film companies and advertising campaigns. As Chris' film career grew, so did his craving for drugs. Chris got into psychedelics, which further allowed him to be closer to who he truly was. Some would say in the following years he became more of a hippie. Chris became more relaxed, friendly, compassionate and an all round likeable person. His career continued to grow, which meant he took more risky jobs. When he heard about an outbreak in Europe which was endagering thousands of innocent lives, he felt as if he had to go and film the situation to raise awareness of the situation. He thought it was the right thing to do. Or was it?
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