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  1. "I want to ask all people involved, to keep their calm and avoid any internal conflict. We need unity more then ever befor. The Axis of evil between Sebaki and D-Squad has been bad enough, but it seems like those clowns just joined in and the situation therefor got worse. Aswell, my sources confirm that the people on Nyheim as a whole are dedicated to persue PLIKT to supply both sides with the supplies necessary to provide security. Do not get irritated by single angry voices."
  2. Beanz for the introductory words
  3. Nyheim Post City sieged by Sobaki! Yesterday the city was sieged by Sobaki. Official sources say, the situation is under control. Be careful if you leave the city. Witnesses are asked to share their knowledge about this at the post office. ** Nyheim Post Breaking News! Sobaki still lurking around the city. They attempted to take a citizen hostage and forced their way into the city. Make sure to close the first door, before you open the second one if you leave or enter the city. Consider waiting for the city gates to be manned, before leaving the city. Jo. K. ** Nyheim Post Infection outbreak in the city! The gates code has been changed. The citizens have not been informed about the new code yet. And to make things worse, there are verified reports of infection outbreaks inside the wall. A man has been wounded in friendly fire, but the streets seem to be free of the infected - for now. Jo. K. ** Nyheim Post VK captured Sobaki. Public execution has occured. The time Sobaki ruled the surrounding hills seems over. VK no longer stands by while citizens get robbed. Jo. K. ** Nyheim Post Shocking News! Infected wildlife, infected water sources, infected being brought in by d-squad in school buses. What sounds like a horror story for children is actually verified by VK and Basilisk officials. Store canned food and clean water. Report to Rangers, Basilisk and VK if you spot a bus. Worry, but don't worry too much: Together we will get through this. The only thing D-Squad will achieve is bringing us closer together. Jo.K. ** Nyheim Post The Rise and Fall of Sin City. Just a couple of days ago, young people played hide and seek in the school building in the center of Sin City. After the sudden departure of VK, Basilisk disbanded and the Rangers seem to be wiped out. The citizens have left the area. Now the place is empty, as is the whole town. The gates and most of doors inside have been blown up. Sin City has turned into a ghost city. The library has been spared, but be aware of the wolves roaming the empty streets. Jo. K. ** Nyheim Post Special: Citizen Portrait - Sir Hektor of House Wiekra. We can immagine Sir Hektor like we know knights from old tales. Fighting the infected in a once shiny armor and with nothing but a sword in his hands. Now our journal has the honour to introduce him to the public with some of his own quotes: " I'm a Questing Knight, proudly fullfiling my duty, serving my King, Mieszko IV." "My King tasked me with going on a Journey, to (...) find something capable of changing lives of people living in The Kingdom, for the better." On this quest another duty of him seems to dezimate the infected, "This beasts that roam the ruins of The Old World. A punishment, sent by God Almighty himself." as he refers to them. "by fire and sword and will of God" "Right now, I've got two companions, they are brothers to each other. They proved their worth, by (..) showing good and kindness towards people roaming this land, and what's most impressive to me, they've showed no fear in the face of Evil" So if you happen to see three men, one in armor and carrying a sword, you might have met the noble Sir Hektor.
  4. Well, kinda depends. He got more carefull after recent events. Espacially towards groups he doesnt know You might find some of his articles in the Nyheim Post befor you run across him in person though...
  5. Nyheim Post - Special Edition: "Interview with Lieutenant Poshuk Yaroshenko, founder of the Order, also known as the Rangers." Poshuk is out in the woods as i catch him on the radio. Eyes and Ears for the city. While other factions hide behind walls, the Rangers seem to be the eyes and the ears of the people. >Arbiters of Freedom and Justice.<, as he tells me. >A sense of hope; that is what we wish to achieve among the masses.< he continues, as if it would be the most natural thing to put his own life at risk for the generell well being. A strong alliance has formed in the southern city and it seems very likely, the rangers calm and patient attitude might have been the key to form this. <VK are good people, their leader Rabbit is an exceptionally good man who watches out for his own and others when he can. Basilisk are wonderful people who provide a much needed service these days, medical care.> he continues, like a true diplomat. His voice sounds different if he speaks about the Sobaki though. <I view them as nothing but common thieves, criminals who prey on those who cannot defend themselves out of sick pleasure.< is how he discribes the Rangers attitude towards that kind. And continues about the other groups out there: <D-Squad... well, I have a personal saying. The Devil walks among us, and he is a D-Squad soldier. While O-Squad, from what I heard about the Captain, are much more respectable, they wish to maintain order and defeat D-squad, for that they have my respect and support.> Lieutnant Poshuk Yarooshenko also wants you to know, that the Rangers are recruiting. Want to spread hope and give power back to the people? Want to see D-Squad fall and vanish? The Rangers might be your place turn to. Watch out for his men in green and have a talk to them or reach out to Poshuk himselve on his frequency (Otto Pilot#6952) to join the ranks of the green angels. Jo. K.
  6. The Jok


    Many people i met help alot to improve ones own rp by leading with a good example, so dont worry - evry interaction will contain a chance to improve. And no one ever reacted angry, when i fckd up a bit. My character today: "I try to have my radio active whenever i am online" while me as a player typing "i am in the servers discord channel alot, while i play and have my radio avaible"... multitasking went wrong ^^ The other char: *slightly confused* "When you are what?" My char: "Uhm arm, when i am awake." So embarassing ^^ but the others player reaction was subtile and gentle feedback and its been always like this and helping alot to improve. Awesome community so far
  7. Hello evryone. I´m Jok, currently and most likely for quite a while playing Josef Kleinbein on the server. Enjoyed the last days of playing alot and some friends i played with befor joining in one after another right now. Looking forward to run into more of you people. I`m alot into the rp side, if Josef is consuming to much of your time, just let me know in the text chat and i will keep it a bit shorter. Sometimes im enjoying the conversations a bit to much and keep people from doing the stuff they wanted to do - at least i get the impression. Still don`t want to cut it short preemtive, so just lemme know if its to time consuming for you in rl and your char is to friendly to tell - then i`ll weave it in gently to let you keep doing whatever you intended to, befor you ran into that talkactive Josef I try to hang out in on of the servers IC voice channels as often as possible when i am online and as long as my radio battery does not run empty. Feel free to contact me there and find out more about Josef Kleinbein and his friends.
  8. Josef Kleinbein, called "Jok" or "the humble Jok", was raised in an isolated community who believed that scientific research of humankind simply advanced to fast for them to keep track culturally and socially and therefor all the troubles they have to deal with these days was unavoidable. Therefor they decided to live far away from other communities in the swiss alps and avoid any contact to them. In order to gain the ressources they need, they relied on very basic tools and avoided things like electricity and chemistry. Only simple mechanics and nature materials werde used to sustain their simple life. As yound people tend to be, Jok grew more and more interested in the live outside of their little village "Tellheim". Teached, that people would generally be evil, he started to search the sourroundings in secret and found no living or unliving humans. What he found though, was remains of civilisation. Cars, guns and the one thing that one day would lead to him, leaving the area and starting a long journey that eventually lead him to Nyheim: Drugs. This increased the duration of his absence in Tellheim and eventuelly the community elders decided to investigate, what the young Jok was doing when he went missing on a regular base. Confronted with his behaviour, he was asked to either stop leaving the village at all or to leave - forever. Considering his general desire to explore the world and to meet people outside the community this may not have been an easy but a very obvious decission. After the community organised a heart warming farewell party, Joks long journey began. After years of travelling he made his expieriences with other people. Good one and bad ones, though nothing dramatic. With his natural talent to deescalate situations and his strong believe that he can live from nature itselve he managed to get out allive, even of threatening situations. People trying to rob him usually reacted a bit unsecure, when he openly offered them all he had. In the hope that these people might act less aggressive towards other people, he managed to carry his believe in people over such encounters. After catching one ride or another, with friendly people and wandering through the woods for months he eventually heard of a relatively calm area called Nyheim. On his way there, he met a small group, surviving on their own in the outskirts (Johan Hintsteiner and - OOC: some rl friends, who will hopefully join this server soon). Growing older and having spent almost a year alone in the woods, he was more then willing to change his way of live and engage in more stable social relationships. Eventually they decided to head to Nyrheim and carefully check, if the live there is peacefull enough for them to settle there. Closing in to inhabited areas, they soon met more and more zombies, eventually encountering a situation that caused general panic in the group, leading to them splitting up and loosing each other. Now he tries to find his companions and has high hopes to start a relatively peacefull life as a fisher, hunter and trader. In his current age, he is a calm and gentle guy who believes strongly, that most - if not all conflicts - can be avoided or solved by the power of words and kindness. His drug addiction went milder over the years, though he still cant resist to use and adrenalin or morphin right when he can get ahold of it and even drink beer well over the point he can keep in his stomache.
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