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  1. Will miss you in staff, thank you so much for helping me in my first few days as Mod and my entire time as Support. You deserve MVP.  ❤️

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      Will miss you in staff, thank you so much for helping me in my first few days as Mod and my entire time as Support. You deserve MVP.  ❤️

  2. Congrats buddy


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  3. Yes, we are all adults and need to focus on other things. But that also means you don't get caught up in a game and get upset about offline raiding. it's just part of dayz, raiding and being raided. many come with the argument yes you would be theoretically in your base and you would hear it. but it's not like that. You have to see it as if you had left the base and are not there. Raiding is a part of dayz you can not change it That's one of the worst things I've ever heard. if you want to break into a place, you go when the risk is lowest, not when someone is there. I've tried raiding before when people are there it always ended the same way. just quickly "put your fucking hands up" and then you got shot. Most of the time, everyone who lives there "coincidentally" came online at once. RP was never present. It's pretty simple. KOS is forbidden by the rules and ann you also do not need to come with irl. For offline raiding we don't have any rules yet (it's not supposed to change). Raiding is simply a part of Dayz. It ensures that loot-hoarders lose their stuff so that it comes back into the loot table. It also reduces lags. Sure it's annoying when you lose your stuff but that's just the way it is. You don't need 10.000 weapons and 50.000 mags to rpen. -1 ps: sorry for spelling mistakes did this all over my phone
  4. Raiden is a part of dayz. We've seen with dead city what happens when there's too much stuff in one place. The server was lagging and the FPS in the city dropped from 70 to 20. It takes a little longer to get 10k together. 10-20 min to get 10k is more luck. If someone doesn't want to lose his stuff, put it in a safe and don't hide the safe in your base and if he still cries for his stuff, I would rethink my play style.
  5. Wish you guys luck, looks great. Can't wait to rp with you guys
  6. Born on 15.12.1951 in a small hut above the small village "Sinystok", he grew up with his family in poor conditions. Times were hard and the best way to survive was to join the military. Until he was old enough he helped his father on the farm. At the age of 22 he joined the Red Army. He was placed in the 108th Motorized Infantry Division, where he was a long distance scout. His task was to sit for hours in one place and report to his commander. In addition to his scout training, he was also introduced to various weapons. He was on 25.12.1979 part of the first the Afghan border and saw there many things that he would not forget his life. Because of the massacres that happened in Afghanistan by the Soviets, he began to loathe the Soviets. In 1986 he resigned from the military and began to earn his living by hunting and selling fur. When the Soviet Union collapsed, he rejoiced in the independence of Chernarus. When the civil war broke out he kept himself as well as possible out of the whole happening. But that was easier said than done. The fights were bloody and he saw again many humans die. Because of the things he saw during the war in Afghanistan and his hatred for the Kreml and Russia (not for Russians in general), he joined NAPA as a supporter and informant. Now he is 71 and lives his life in peace and tries to help others.
  7. Bolt cutters 10 but the others +1
  8. On Nyheim Bolt cutters cost about 8k, 10k would be also ok but everything above that is bad in my opinion. Why should we pay 18 k for something that takes 15-20 min to use when we can buy boom bags at the weapons traider for nearly the same price You can buy them at the weapons traider. (20k)
  9. Best RP so far on chernarus. cant wait for more
  10. Me waiting for the  next podcast


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