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  1. Born in raised in Chicago, Illinois Dara Adonis grew up in a rough neighborhood with his single mother and two siblings. He had to provide for his family by selling narcotics and weed to local gangsters and dope fiends posted on the block with a Glock 19 and a dime bag. He been in the game since birth getting into multiple gang associated shootouts with his crew he calls the "Adonis Family" Where it's exclusive membership and secrecy led it to be one of the most sought after gangs in Chicago. Soon after making money in the game Dara and his crew relocated to Nyheim to make money associating with gang violence, Illegal manufacturing of weaponry, Drugs and Bribery amongst state officials. Dara's goal in Nyheim is to be the leading gang in the location with information of his whereabouts and his members are secret to all but his own the Adonis Family is not a "Clique" it's a "Cult" And one Dara expects people to give their life for it's only up from here for the Adonis Family.
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