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  1. Gonna have to disagree. New whitelist here. Within the short time of being whitelisted and playing, I've got a tonne of high end gear and always found everything I need. So the loots not that rare, and whilst I recognise these people saying its hard to find loot; imo DayZ should be that way, and those sorts of people could very easily hop on one of those high loot rate servers.
  2. +1 on this Noticed a severe lack of zombies, then there's some odd areas with spawns of a bunch of zombies that make no sense.
  3. Hi, so first out; im probably gonna get yelled at as from a glance at the forums it seems there's been tonnes of threads regarding Nyheim vs Chernarus. And i'd love to give my opinion on the matter as a new member of the community - I really hope this is alright, as I didn't have a chance to partake in earlier discussions. From my playtime of Nyheim so far, the cities are stunning and what Kerkkoh has built is a work of art. Buuuut.. the downsides are apparent. -- The map is veeeryy lackluster, Outside of the couple amazing cities its basically a couple houses and military locations; ontop of this, its incredibly tiny. vs Chernarus where the map is huge, there's so much territory and towns for groups to claim and have turf wars over. -- So whilst Nyheim may be good for now, such a small and less populated map will loose momentum extremely fast.
  4. Fido... oh Fido. He's a lost cause... or I guess, it? I've lost track of this thing, it's insane. Thinking it's the main character in this body pffft. He's insane. It calls itself; the Jester? As if I'm some sort of joke. Jeeez. Well not many have lived to figure out who it is and where it comes from. tends to be quite easy to piss off this joke, he tends to be a bit... agitated. Volatile. Easy to get on the wrong side of. But for those.. those few unfortunate souls who made the mistake of befriending this lunatic, the Jester has been one hELL of a deterrent so those seeking to harm them, it's like a countrys nuclear deterrent. Definitely a worthy exchange, if you can put up with the freak. So now, it ends up stumbling its way to a new strange place in the hellish apocalyptic wasteland we're all stuck in now. And a new chapter of gettiNG ON PEOPLES FUCKING NERVES BEGINS HAHAA. We. Are ready for some fun. Isn't that right Fido ol' pal? SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UUUUPPP Jester screams to himself as he smacks himself with the butt of his makarov. enOUGH talking brain. It's my turn to play..
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