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  1. this is what i want. ...........that will be all. thank you.
  2. jankey dadon

    Bring back the DZRP mod

    Playing on a broken, incomplete product or on a well-established, albeit buggy product.... I'll take the latter option, especially when players, or more specifically modders, have already found ways to counter the bugs in said well-established product. Alternatively, I'd suggest investing more into ARMA 3 and possibly meeting the Epoch devs halfway to aid in development of their mod, which shows more promise than SA does currently. this. i want this. 10/10
  3. Only 80%? i know that log's aren't in yet but it surely can't be that low. I'd say about 95% less kos, and most of the time they get caught ;P. Na. I believe you are incorrect. Just my opinion really but I was being generous. And as far as them being caught. I've been reading the forums and that seems to be incorrect swell. There is no way for the admins to really find out who kos'd without a kill-death log like in the mod.
  4. The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence Guys - there's a bloody instructional video on you tube - it's not a secret... it's bloody OBVIOUS there is mass duping going on in RP right now - and yes it's not meant to happen but then NEITHER IS KOS and I've been shot at and killed more than once in the past two weeks so a lotta people clearly don't give a fig about the rules... Y r u yelling. U should calm down b4 u bust a blood vessel -User Was Warned for this post-
  5. Maybe I should add you since it seems it'll make it easter for you to come to my rescue. Again.
  6. What does it actually do? Like. What perks do I get for adding players to it?
  7. Role play definitely. Aspecialy for those of us that don't like to run around constantly looking over our backs for every single person even those who would normally not kos are just scared of getting robbed so they kos to. Theres some of that here yah. But ..like...80% less.
  8. Theres currently a duping bug in the game. Not gonna explain how it works, because Im sure theres gonna be some fucking trolls trying it out, but its there. It will probably be fixed with the next update though. Now, Im not suggesting that all clans are duping. Especially since its against the rules. But just saying. It seems a little fishy these guys all got the same fucking gear and ten million mags for their AKs and whatnot while everyone else struggles to find a fucking apple... The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence
  9. hangin out with salim. poor guy just got robbed and bitch slapped by a zed
  10. nah, i was in and i had been in for like half an hour i went for a swim and only lost my weapons bag and vest. everything else stayed there i wasnt reset but i went back in the water to look for my gear and it hurt me again i think the pond south of vybor should be looked at
  11. im at vybor right now i went to take a dip in the pond just south of town whe n i jumped in i got to an area deep enough for my character to swim. the action started and immediatly a flash came over the screen, it said my feet hurt in the msg box and a perfectly prestine pair of boots are now ruined. not to mention that my back pack vest and smerch pach along with all my gear literally instantly disapeared. wth. i had finally gotten ammo for my sawn of shotgun and sawn off mosin and sks. i can name off everything i had but that wouldnt help
  12. I'll be on in about an hour to set off travel for your town. Watch for jankey. I have food to trade