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  1. Freedom is a funny thing, an illusion. Sure you might be safe and have a hot meal, but is that really all life is? Being stuck in a place that you're told is safe, that if you venture out into the wastes you'd surely starve, freeze or any manner of horrible thing someone could imagine. That's what my childhood consisted of. Never allowed to leave the village cause it's "not safe". Always going to bed with the stories of the old world and how it was so grand and that many people still try to hold onto what was. But alas, every time I made a notion, a passing comment of seeing what was outside our walls I was immediately filled with the horrors that await. But somehow amidst all these so called horrors, a group of traders and emissaries would stop by every month or so to trade and see if our treaties still hold. Well on such an arrival, they brought with them a treasure none could hope to imagine. The love of my life, or at the time, just the most stunning girl I've ever laid eyes on. We were young, but love at first sight and all that. We were only permitted to seeing each other when she would arrive with the traders as she was from a distant town. As the years grew so would our love. Until one month the traders didn't arrive, nor did they the month after or the one after that. We soon found out the town that they resided in got raided and almost everyone killed or missing. I was without a doubt devastated, but determined. Determined to find her, to find my beloved. With no trade coming through, our supplies slowly dwindled until we were left with nearly nothing. So we started sending out scouts, for supplies and in search for other towns. I signed up first chance I got, much to the dismay of my mother but I had to find her or what became of her. This is where I learned most of my knowledge on the infected. Four years past and yet no sign of the girl I once knew, her face but a fleeting memory I hold too tight. We were returning from a scouting mission when my friend Sergi and I found the bodies of what looked to be mere travelers, stripped of all but the clothes on their back save their shoes. The band that did this burned what they couldn't carry. We weren't that far from our village and the bodies were no more than a day old at most, infected hadn't even found them yet. So we set off for the village bearing a warning about these bandits... When we get caught in a herd of infected. The fastest route back was through an abandoned city, crumbling and desolate. If we went around it would add hours we didn't have, so being the brash idiots we were and the knowledge that bandits could threated our village we set off through the city. Carefully slipping between alleys and ducking around cars, we were nearing an end when I hear something that still rings in my ears. I turn and Sergi is being pulled under a car by an infected and I... Froze. I've never seen any one die before and had I acted quicker he'd still be with me today, surviving and finding the adventure we use to dream about as kids stuck behind a wall. I got to him too late and his screams attracted more, I tried to pull him from the monsters grasp but I was too weak and as I ran like a coward I looked back at him as he drew his final breath, scared and confused. Confused as why I wasn't there for him as to why I didn't try harder to help him. As I made it back to the village, red eyed and defeated, my troubles wouldn't end as when I approached I saw smoke on the horizon. Apparently the raiding party waited until most of the scouts left before making their move, ransacking and burning everything. Everyone lie dead, weapon in hand having died protecting their home from these vile bastards. I buried as many as I could and with saying goodbye to my mother one final time, left. Left for revenge? For something anew? I left trying to forget. To forget all the things that transpired and attempt to overcome my loss. For the next year I would travel and learn a great deal on surviving and living off the land. Until one day in a trade post I heard about a place trying to rebuild. A place most would consider a fresh start. I set off looking for my Eden, now knowing of the horrors my mother tried protecting me from and having that damn freedom I always wished for.
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