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  1. Artur comes from moderately wealthy, loving family. After highschool, joined Police Academy in Katowice. Never to finish it, becacuse of mandatory military draft, deployed in Nyheim as a part of an international operation. Left for dead after being wrongly marked as KIA. Extraction never occured. His platoon is scattered all over the region and he's still trying to make contact with his allies. Maybe someday, his country will send rescue operation, but for now, his main objective is to survive. At all cost. His main skills are marksmanship and perceptivity. Acquaired them at the academy. He's not afraid of pulling the trigger as he knows how empathetic people end up in this place. Mostly caring for himself, can make some exceptions to help others, especially his people, but still remember his main goal - comeback to his motherland, to his family. For him, the ends justify the means. Even though, his actions aren't meaningless for him, it doesn't mean that they don't impact him in any way. The fact that he's relatively new to this world, makes him prone to change his beliefs, ethic, morality - identity. Only hope holds his sanity in place.
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