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  1. I started life pretty simple, small cabin in the woods up in maine. I heard of a place nyheim from a traveler and it sounded quite interesting. I began my new journey here to see what it was all about. I want to start life here and make a lot of new friends and possibly some enemies in the making. I figure since i lived since a simple life, it would be nice to spice things up in a new location with new people. I really enjoyed guns so im thinking of becoming a gun trader around these parts, have to do a lot of searching i figured out to find them but its a journey and task im willing to take. I want everyone to know my face and name as a positive sales man and gun collector that they can trust to trade and buy from. Im hoping i can find many friends that will assist me in meeting my goals in return of me helping them as well. I plan on starting a little cabin and hopefully securing a safe place to store my guns for people to come and go as they please to see what i have to offer. Ive heard some negative things about some people around these parts so im hoping i can keep the peace and people wont see my business as a threat to them and their community of friends in surrounding towns. Eventually i would like many folks around me to keep me and the business safe and sound.. by any means necessary.
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