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  1. Don was raised in the wasteland by his parents who protected him in his early years providing food and and water it was difficult but in the end his parents decided it was worth it on the day he turned 11 Don was told he would have to make it on his own in the near future. Then the long conversation began and he sat through a conversation that at the end. Left only a single tear running down his face as he and been taught that in the wasteland no one gets time to grieve. A month later he woke un in this tent and found his parents no were to be see except a single note a gas mask and a colt 1911 with very limited ammo a part from that he was well untruly alone in what he came to learn as hell. NOTE LEFT ON TENT (Honey I'm so sorry my words cant Covay how i feel i know only that i feel guilty for no being able to say with you for longer you farther feels the same to. I promise you i will find you again i with you the best of luck and please i beg of you DONT DIE.) A month later Don was scavenging an old village desperately searching houses for any thing to eat any thing at all to tie him over to the next town before it drove him crazy. When all of a sudden he started to hear a strained voice saying some thing to what he could only describe as and army of people things mutants he didn't know until he hard a high calibre gun shot pierce his ears with that he franticly ran to find anywhere to hide anywhere at all. when in he end he took cover under a broken truck he immediately started moving large amounts of mud on him to cover any of his exposed body immediately hairs started sticking up all over his body Don realised that an individual was staring at the truck he was under as he saw faint flickers of light poking through the thick black mud. conversation ensued between two individuals and anger soon seeped into both there voices then BOOM a shot was fired immediately Don felt an over whelming pain one of the individuals has shot his gun in rage through a tire Dons led was behind he felt the warm liquid covering his lower leg bet he was also trying to hold back a fog horn of yelling and crying for 46 minutes and 35 seconds he waited with a hole in him. in pain crying and wishing his parents had never left him. from that day on he swore he would find his parents and live until he saw them again but for the time being he was going to find some one or some thing to help him on his journey. WILL HE FIND HIS PARENTS OR WILL HE DIE ALINE IN THE WASTE LAND BEING OVER TAKEN BY THE NEW LAND HE HAS TO LIVE IN.
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