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  1. So I just got whitelisted and I tried joining the server but every time I join it says your name does not match a character please help.
  2. So if I request to be whitelisted and I get blacklisted I can't retry to get whitelisted? All that time spent waiting and all that excitement leads to nothing? All that time knowing this is my only shot at playing modded dayz just ends. I don't think this is fair and I think you should be able to reapply and get another shot.
  3. It worked thank you very much!
  4. So I'm currently trying to get whitelisted but when I try to link my steam account I press sign in and it says error and says you have not played dayz long enough we require you to have 10 hours but I have 96 it happens every time. Can someone help?
  5. His father was born in 2006, and his mother in 2007. Eventually they met up at a survivor camp in northern Ohio, where they started dating and eventually had a child named Desmond in Detroit. They moved to High port island in new York, this is where Desmond would grow up. His father was an ex navy seal and taught despond how to fight and taught how to be a master of communications, explosives, weaponry, combat, and tactics. With Desmond's wits and skill he quickly became known in his area. By the time he was 19 his father died trying to save a few survivors in a fire that had spread quickly, in anger went out and killed everything in sight and killed an estimated 78 infected along with 3 survivors until he ran out of ammo and rations and eventually passed out. An old Japanese villager was out scavenging when he saw young Desmond and decided to take him in. The villager taught him how to be at peace and taught him aikido, karate, and judo. He grew close to this man and eventually the man passed away and this time Desmond was prepared for the death. Desmond went on a search for his mother found a women he loved named Sarah and they started traveling together. He eventually found a note saying His mother went to a place called Nyheim and lost all hope until he saw a crashed plane in a field and decided to fix it up eventually he did and flew until he crashed luckily he crashed in Nyheim but unluckily Sarah was missing. Finally he recognized the name of this place and he remembered he had 2 cousins and an uncle here so that is where he decides to check first that is also where the journey begins with no clues and no knowledge of land he would be almost completely helpless.....
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