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  1. Grew up with his mom in Nyheim on a farm far outside of the city, Tinkered with mechanics a lot, and enjoyed motorcycles. Enjoyed watching old recording of American sports such as Football, and Basketball. His dad died when he was young trying to get the family food. When he was 16 he started learning mechanics and pulled an old 125cc pocket bike out of his shed. He eventually got the bike running after cleaning the carburetor. After he got his pocket bike running he would use it to get around the area he lived in. The first time he rode his pocket bike he put his left leg down to stop and got a 3rd degree burn on his calf. When he was 17 he was experimenting with old fireworks and was taking the gunpowder out when it flashed and blew his finger off, luckily his mom knew first aid and helped him with his finger. When he turned 20 a group of bandits came by the house he and his mom were hiding at. They killed his mom while Curtis was in the shed outside messing with his old 125cc Pocket Bike. The bandits burnt down his cabin, so Curtis found his baseball bat in his shed and hed out to find new places around Nyheim.
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