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  1. RedSky


    We don't have a goodbye thread anymore... I didn't expect to be wanting to write a goodbye either but here I am, writing it. To explain why I am going away.

    Listen I love this community to bits with its ups and downs with all the drama and other problems, and I guess I am attributing to some of it right now, but the truth is I am burned out on this community.

    I have been in this community since November 2014, a time I remember both fondly and badly with many awesome people that used to roam this place, I don't even know where most of them are these days, whether they are permed or changed their name a bunch of times, the truth is it doesn't matter, people that made the stories awesome, people that taught others to roleplay, show them their potential, the same way they once did to me, those people are gone.

    Some of them left the community, for reasons well known, some other to a lesser extent, people like: @OGClownshoe a.k.a Percival Winstor, @Roach, @DJHato, @Chief, @Chaostica, @Cid, @Aurora Sky, @Ender, @Alex, Those from the Zeleno times(You know who you are), @Autumn, whoever played Thomas Jones, The people inside the Reapers V1 and V2, Groups like the masquerade, groups like the gamblers, the first iteration of the Jackals and all their members, Those that made hickory hill what it was, The many members of the trust, The members of the Crows, The members of Alcyone , The unnamed. The Chedaki from 2014, The regulators. Fuck me and so many more.

    These people paved the road for the community inside Dayz standalone and eventually, we hit a speedbump and lost a few, and then lost a few more and more.

    And now I wanna say we still have the knowledge they taught us but the truth is, we don't, storylines have felt bland and empty, consequences for actions are gone, hostile RP has taken a direction that makes me feel sick if I think back to how it used to be, and yes, I do pull that card and don't get me wrong, there are still those that know what they are doing but they are spread thin.

    Occasionally we get a spark of genius that rolls over the server, that brings back that passion I feel for this server, Storylines like the one I had with Liska, that brought a tear to my eye, or my storyline with the vultures when I was on Red, but, they pass just like all the others pass.

    And then to have to continuously deal with problems for things I honestly no longer have time for then that is it, that is where I have to draw a line.

    I am sorry that I am disappointing so many people, there are storylines I am actively involved in and for some I play big roles, I am sorry I am dropping out, but I am tired, frustrated and most of all sad.

    I am sad for letting you guys down, I am sad for feeling like a bad friend for doing this, but I have to.

    And I won't be like many that say the community is dying, but it has changed, it moved into directions that I don't enjoy and I hate it because I will never find another community like DayzRP, with its size and an expansive amount of lore and stories no matter what. Not a single clone will ever accomplish what DayzRP has and for that I thank Roland.

    And I thank those that made me want to keep playing till the end.
    @StagsviewRB , @Malet , @Revie , @Franny, @derNils, @Galland , @noir , @APositivePara , @Kordruga, @AndreyQ, @silvermoongaming @Fenrir , @Kapocss , @RoCKiE , @Isaiah Rinkasonn , @Razareth , @DerrickStorm , @Billy , @Craig , @Inferno , @Imation11 , @Scarlett , @DuquesneLR@TheGlassSpider, @TheLamp1 , @Kenyi, @Halvenand so many countless others I am forgetting.

    But today's direction, is not why I played here and therefor I have to say goodbye, perhaps it is a final goodbye, perhaps it isn't.

    But it is goodbye.

    I am sorry.


    ps. (It doesn't mean that today's direction is bad, it just means I don't feel like being a part of it any longer)

    1. Para


      I am sorry for the problems that have burned you out @RedSky, I am glad we could give such a great ending to a character you held dear and the impact has lasted a long time. I wish everybody could get along just fine but it's never the case and usually makes me burn out too.

      Take care elsewhere friend o7

    2. IsaiahCortez



    3. Inferno


      It's been a blast playin with you on here, I do hope you come back later on when things turn around.


    4. Billy


      mood GIF

    5. Scarlett


      I've known you for awhile now, way back when I first started in 2016 I am sad to see you go and I am sorry for the problems  that have burnt you out, I am glad to have rp'ed with you, you and many others have taught me a lot thank you for that, Your red character still impacts my character and she will continue to remember you. It was a blast playing with you and I hope you find what you are looking for. 

      Hopefully it is not a final goodbye and when things change you come back if not it was a pleasure playing with you and I will hopefully see you around either in your stream as you play other games or discord/ts for a chat


      sad andre johnson GIF

    6. Franny



    7. Ducky


      Sad it came to this.

      Good luck on your future endeavors, I hope you find a new place for yourself.

    8. Wulf


      Been a pleasure.

      Its an unfortunate set of circumstances but I can say with certainty you haven't let anyone or anything down in anyway shape or form. RP is about the moment to moment and its been nothing short of top tier whilst accompanying you.

      Anyhow heres my o7 to you


      I hope Putin gifs are allowed 🤨

    9. TheGlassSpider


      Ahhh, Red, don't be sorry, man - you've given tons of hours of great RP, and I really know the feeling. The most important thing is to take care of yourself. And who knows, after a break,  you might get the itch again. ❤️

    10. PhoenyxxRP


      Only roleplayed with you a few short times, but it was nothing but fantastic effort from you. 

      wish you luck in whatever is to come and hope you see you around again some day.

    11. OldSchool


      Same tbh. I just don't even have the drive to write an essay about it because most people I connected with are already gone and mostly no one who's been active in the last 2 years even knows who I am. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    12. Hofer


      side eye wtf GIF

    13. Malet


      Rest now, my friend. You did good. 


    14. Cid


      Goodbyes are lame, simply because most of the people who say goodbye here end up coming back.  It's why I never said goodbye, because I still linger and wait for my opportunity to come back to me.  Whether that happens or not is still to be determined, but I understand why you wish to not be here anymore.  You hit a lot of points about this community right on the head.  It simply isn't the same anymore.

      You've contributed a lot to this community, Finnr.  Not in the same sense that some people would consider contributing, but in a sense that you have provided fairly good RP at every opportunity you possibly can.  I see you being like myself one day.  Coming back IF the opportunity arises.  We'll see if that day ever hits, yeah?

      Rest easy fellow good roleplayer.  Time to either watch from afar, or fade away into obscurity, like the rest of who you originally mentioned.


    15. Revie



      You will be missed...

    16. Major


      Thanks for the @

    17. GreenySmiley


      Thank you for all the good times ❤️ 😄 I do hope I will see you again on here one day! 

    18. Credidred


      What can I say..and I'll be totally honest.To some you were brilliant, to others overbearing. You were one of the best RP'ers and a very powerful speaker. You also had an exceptional talent in what they would call in Game Of Thrones, 'A master of whispers'. This especially in the time of the  Northern Alliance, You were essential in outing those who would undermine the fiefdom, I.e, what I call 'The Top Lads'  made in the north. The Haven, The Roamers, The Rangers, The Firm, The Lost Souls, and the infamous '101' of Stary Yar. To me that was the last great frontier of great RP. You were the spy catcher for all these groups. And when you smelt bullshit you'd bite on and never let go, like a goddamn rottweiler. With so many players and threads to keep on top of, I recognize this was no easy task.  

      From what I believe, the Northern Alliance was to  initially setup to defy his Highness King Joffery.  and his holiness father Benjamin as the bishop, not to forget Thomas Jones the duke of green mountain. Their groups...The family, The kingdom, The Gamblers, The Reapers, Blackwood militia, and Reckors brutal posse (which group I can't remember, I think it was The Horseman?) 

      The chessboard was being set for an epic showdown. But unfortunately the timing was off and the cards didn't fall how they should. But if they did, I think you would of not half given them a run for their money. 

      Now this may sound like some 'Pie in the Sky BS'. But looking onward from this community to what the future holds in online gaming. As technology advances, the whole online gaming experience will advance in every direction. With new titles will come more Server population, more character progression, building empires and larger lands to explore etc. From this I believe you still have  a much  bigger part to play in something amazing. Perhaps running intel for a large RP clan/organisation that encompasses thousands of players, something like that. The possibilities are endless. 

      Who knows when or where I'll be seeing you next, Another game, in some other time on another world.

       Godspeed  Spymaster. 




    19. Chief



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