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  1. RedSky


    Okay, so it seems it isn't really my type of week this week. Let me give a bit of a run down, Im an IT kind of guy I have some servers and I like to mess around with them, host servers for friends and do general fun stuff with them.

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    > Be five days ago
    > Wakes up to phone vibrating
    > Puts phone to ear
    > Hears a guy asking what happened to the
    > Tell him "nothing"
    > He tells me he can't connect
    > Sleepy me gets out of bed and walks over to the server
    > See's server with backup battery being offline
    > Computer is still on so no power shortage
    > Tries to start up the server
    > Server
    > Le me spends a week trying to get the server with important files working again.
    > Not much luck
    > Life laughs at me
    > Le me browses some websites that sellsecond hand
    stuff in my area
    > finds a nice sr3420 4 years old for 120 euro's
    im happy
    > Call the guy
    > Go get the server the same evening.
    > Wake up early today and configure the server
    > Everything works well
    > Everyone is happy
    > I am happy and try to get over spending money
    > Put down my headset
    > Headset breaks


    1. Cid


      Good shit.

    2. RedSky


      I hate IT, why is IT so expensive, Why did I choose IT?

    3. Cid


      Because we are nerds and we can't escape it.

    4. RedSky


      Fine you are right but does everything have to break in the same week?

    5. Cid


      Yes, because otherwise it wouldn't be IT.

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      Combat Logo

      Life likes to have the last laugh, my friend

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      Shane Is Dead

      Get rekt kid