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"Perfection is nothing without Imperfection."

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  1. RedSky


    So, it exist. I t was hidden, but someone found it for me. from now on I will be entertaining myself daily with this board.


    Life currently

    -> Power is out

    -> Decides to sleep

    -> Wakes up with the power working

    -> Works on laptop for customer

    -> Power cuts out

    -> Misses deadline

    -> Shit.

    -> Me going outside

    -> Looking for a reason why the power isn't working

    -> Remembers that there was a storm

    -> Remembers a cable was hit by a tree

    -> Walks trough the neighbourhood to find the broken cable

    ->Finds a huge tree on an electricity cable

    -> Electrcity company be there

    -> Internet company be there

    -> Fire department be there

    -> Tells me it'll take another 4 hours

    -> Finds out it's only my street that has no power

    -> le fucked