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  1. RedSky

    To Vania

    -Red sits on the side of the bed his newfound family is preparing the car for him, his hands grip the bandages on his chest, it all still hurts and his wounds weren't the kind to laugh with, his breathing still troubled. He wondered to himself when the taste of food would return but he couldn't really give it much thought; he started coughing again and with it came to blood, the Doc had told him it should've stopped today but it hadn't, his lung was clearly still filled with blood, but he had to make a message, he didn't agree on what happened but it was clear they were found out already which was a shame he was hoping for some peace to think about what had happened... he stands up groaning and limping towards the table next to a sofa, in which he plops himself down with the necessary yell of pain included, he grabs the radio on the table and presses the PTT- *A cough can be heard but it almost turns in to puking for a moment, the voice heard shortly after speaks Chernarussian, he sounds like he is almost dying, his voice being soft instead of the usual loud volume, and is clear he speak with great sadness in his voice like an anchor is weighing down his heart* Vania, mluvil jsem s Josefem ... On ... pamatuje si vás ... a on mi řekl, že přijde ..., slíbil jsem mu ... zpět v Novigradě ... ukázal bych mu, kde jsem pohřbil Jitku ... nemohl jsem zachránit Jitku ... nemohl jsem se držet kódu ... Prosím, nenechte mě porušit ani svůj slib Josef ... *another cough could be heard all be it a small one* Jsem ve špatném stavu, Vania, nemůžu cestovat daleko, aniž by mi někdo pomohl, moje tělo je na konci své síly, ... potřebuji čas na zotavení, i když se rozhodnete, že mi neodpustíte, existují věci, které byste měli víš, co mi Jitka řekla naposledy, když jsem s ním mluvil předtím ... Před ... *A deep sigh can be heard followed by an extremely deep cough* Vím, že nemáte důvod ... věřit mi, vím, že pro mě nemáte žádné sympatie. Ale jakmile mě Jitka naučila kód, začal jsem tím žít. *His voice sounds softer but it's clear he is trying to hold in another cough* Respektuji a chápu, že jsem to porušil. *He starts coughing this time throwing up blood, it takes a while before he speaks again* Chtěl bych vyzvat k příměří, příměří, dokud se sem nedostane Josef, je na cestě. Takže ty, já a on, můžeme sedět v soukromí a mluvit poté, co jsem mu ukázal hrob ... pokud na konci těch rozhovorů ... stále mě chceš zabít. Stejně tak jsem dlužil Jitce za svůj život. Ale aspoň vám řeknu, co mi řekl ... Nechápal jsem, co tím myslel tehdy, neviděl jsem to ... Ale viděl jsem to, když se ten nepořádek začal, konečně chápu. *He coughs one final time before the radio goes silent*
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    While I agree with almost everything you say on the matter, It should also not be forgotten that one of the reason why the loot economy breaks is because DayzRP pushes the way the game handles loot in an entirely new direction. Due to the rules hoarding is a lot easier, in normal Dayz lawless land even the hoarded weapons would get reintroduced due to constant raiding so the loot economy makes sense for that. But with DayzRP we have an insane amount of players all carrying sometimes 3 to 4 guns and then they also all have camps and that was not what Bohemia had in mind when they developed the loot table system the way they did. That is always the impression I got from it, truth be told. Just wanted to add that.
  4. RedSky

    Chapter 2 [Recruitment strict IC only]

    Just so people don't think we ignored you I explained it all to @WongRP on Discord, it had a few to many IC things for it to be posted on our thread.
  5. RedSky

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Alright time to start tagging... First of all I would like to thank everyone involved last night for the greatest evening of RP I have had in a long time.. calling it 10/10 doesn't even come close to doing it honors. @Ducky I absolutely hate your character , with a passion thank you so much for that, You kick started one of the most enjoyable story lines I have had in a long time! @derNils Your amazing speech combined with Arnost's( @Isaiah CortezPVE ) will to fight speech allowed me to truly stand up from my knees.. Thank you for everything last night! @Imation11 Man that was a roller coaster, finally seeing each other again, having the biggest fight, then attempting to commit suicide to prevent a war with that amazing screaming behind me the crying, the... Oh god the feels are coming back... Only to then attempt to mend things prevent killing by risking you and realizing I couldn't talk us out of it... goddammit and I couldn't pull that trigger no matter how many times I debated it.... Dammit Shock @Malet and @Revie Goddamn, I don't have words for everything that happened between us and around us... I am growing so fond of having the two of you around and Jesus Christ on a pine stick don't you dare become strangers @Craig I hate that it went this way, I love your character man, I love our talks our events everything and now we are at the opposite sides.... I wont forget "killing" you though @McLeranth You walking out saying you had no part in this when the gates finally opened... I think that was one of the most heart warming moments I have ever had... a script writer couldn't have made it better, you and your group have been providing us with amazing RP and last night wasn't any different (I don't know all the members who were there except [email protected] sorry ) @Halven and @Kenyi You two showing up and radio'ing me, it made me so happy it gave me a boost of confidence for some reason, I didn't expect it, but I needed it... I wish we could have RP'ed but I had to be the over extender again(Apex Legends joke) So many us were there Chapter 2 thank you all for the RP I have been enjoying myself and have been making so many new friends these past few weeks I love you all. @MajooRB You have way too much trust in me, tonight was the proof. @Demaabd Dammit flamingo! @Razareth Your neutrality is starting to become a problem... still I love you @Deagle Kid you wanted a fight you had one! @Mia When ever you show up it becomes a better fucking day! @HeadKillz Told you we needed a militia! Thank you so much Dalsi Stranka, Gabreta Phenix and Domorodci... and all of those I inevitably missed... I am never forgetting this night... ever
  6. RedSky

    Failed Robberies Thread

    Alright so.. not as much as a failed robbery more a failed initiation. Thank you again @Dalsi Stranki and @Domorodci for being so quick and honourable on resetting the rp and voiding the initiation otherwise that wouldn't have been pretty... Those wanting a bit of a background I had to kill Shock played by @Imation11 to prove we were on the same side(otherwise it would be my life at stake), BUT him being my best friend IC and all things took a different turn... However the server had a very different idea about it... damn...
  7. RedSky

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Oh boi this looks real nice!
  8. RedSky

    Item shop inventory count

    Wiki values arent correct, Items out of the item shop have different values then items in game. Different armor stats and different slot counts so that they cant become pay 2 win items So +1 to this suggestion
  9. RedSky

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I was ready the entire time, aswell!
  10. RedSky

    Chernarussian fills the airwaves

    -Red listens to Kuba and unhooks the radio from his vest pressing the PTT while continuing the last few kilometres, his steel-tipped boots could be heard walking on concrete- Ano, a ne, to mě vedlo k něčemu důležitému, co bychom bez něj nevěděli. Něco zásadního. Ale od dnešního dne jsem s tím hotový. A ano, mluvím o tom Josephovi, náhodou na něj narazil v Novigrad. -He clacks his tongue against his teeth 5 times- Kuba si můžete vybrat, kdekoli se budete cítit pohodlněji. -Red clicks off the radio and continues walking-
  11. RedSky

    Chernarussian fills the airwaves

    -Red jumps out off the cabin of the Ural looking back at Mikail and nodding at him "Spasiba, Mikail" he ushers while closing the cabin door. The old Russian truck starts up again giving a few hiccups as it chucks along. Red slowly reaches for his radio while in the background the noise of the truck can be heard. He slowly pushes the PTT while the truck drives off. His voice sounding serious, he starts to speak in Chernarussian- Kuba ... posloucháš? Mýlil jsem se ... Měl jsi pravdu, měl jsem poslouchat ... musíme si promluvit ... měl jsem poslouchat ... Tady jsou potíže zamířené tímto způsobem ... Joseph ... Joseph mi řekl -A deep sigh can be heard and a certain amount of pressure can be heard on the next following words- Je to naléhavé. -Red clicks the PTT radio and starts walking down the coastline back in the familiar area of South-Zagoria-
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    EU Server?

    Hi there, the servers used to be predominantly EU, the people on the server are worldwide and we have people on around the clock me as a european have no issues playing on the US servers and the PVP and RP are just as smooth. So dont worry about all of that! Lag is definitly not an issue either!
  14. RedSky

    Chapter 2 [Recruitment strict IC only]

  15. RedSky

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