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      //I am uncomfortable with this kind of roleplay.

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    Profile Music Mp3?

    I use this, just right click the file on your desktop and then it uploads care free https://getsharex.com/
  3. RedSky


    Welp, streaming some subnautica solo RP for a change, wanna see if you guys find this enjoyable!


  4. RedSky

    Interview With A Community Member: Imation11

    Aww long live our convo's Dr Kevin Shock the famous... oh woops right @Imation11
  5. RedSky

    S1: KoS 2X in Cherno + attempted VDM 4X - 04/10/2016 21:02

    Server and location: S1 Chernogorsk Highway - Bridge in the industrial area Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:02 Your in game name: Xander Night Names of allies involved: Smirnok Moskva( @Isaiah Rinkasonn), Leon Davis( @Kapocss, William Wulf( @Fenrir) Name of suspect/s: Anarchy? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Friendly: BMW Enemy: Truck Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): My POV is the top one, Isaiah is the second one Detailed description of the events: So me, @Isaiah Rinkasonn, @Kapocss and @Fenrir drive down the highway in our BMW, When out of nowhere there is a big blue truck that attempts to ram us, after it does so they drop an initiation, Isaiah decides to not comply and jumps out of the car and accidentally glitches in to the engine bay of the truck after doing so he starts firing and gets killed. Which is fair. However, the way Anarchy responds with this is by having the guy in Juggernaut armour spray through the back window which kills two complying hostages(Me and @Kapocss) and by a miracle, does not kill @Fenrir who is also Complying. I will admit I opened the door, but that was before I got around to properly reading the initiation, after that I did, I decided to stay in the car(Which can be seen by me not jumping out regardless of having enough time to do so, and even staying in while getting shot), but this still doesn't explain why they fired through the windows on the backseat. The two points that sit wrong with me in this report, is 1: them ramming us before initiating while crashing with cars can be lethal and 2nd: them firing at complying hostages because one of us didn't comply.
  6. RedSky

    Lore master approval of groups

    +1 I fully agree, no more words need to be said.
  7. RedSky

    [A distant broadcast hits your radio] Toodles

    -It sounds like something is burning heavily in the background, that and guns being fired, eventually, a truck engine can be heard turning on, not long after a second truck sounds like it starts up and drives off. It sounds like the gunfire is being returned in the distant but it is hard to make out, however it is clear that the battle has moved on quite a bit from where the voice is talking from. However, what is burning still sounds close.- Are you out there ... Grey fox Darlin'... You are aren't you... you cowardice piece of shit... you are staring at me, I can feel it, it's soo... exhilarating isn't it... months now you have been a thorn in my side you annoying mammal... But don't worry, I have something for you, something that will make you feel the same way I feel about you... I reckon your nephew will serve as great motivation for you to finally face me face to face without hiding behind your pitiful worthless men. -The man would look down at the unconscious Chernarussian- Ain't that right Vania? I will have your head, Josef... Come and get your nephew, I reckon the slavers will have a great time putting him through their Kirovograd brothel. Toodeloo Grey fox, I'll see you again. And I reckon your Chernarussian nationalist will never accept you again after it Vania... Well, Right, Darling's I got a convoy to organize. -Some muttering can be heard in the background- Load him in the humvee and drive him to the slavers, will ya. -The radio broadcast cuts of abruptly, in the same manner, it appeared.-
  8. RedSky

    Kirovograd Lore Post

    I love this thread so much, good job guys
  9. RedSky

    Discord bot activity checker

    So does this one work on a basis of web crawling? Because my concern is immediately what if Rolle's cloud-flare misidentifies this thing, as a automated crawler with hostile intend.
  10. RedSky

    Red's random Media

    By far not a dayzrp clip... but hilarious nonetheless, me and a few friends from DayzRP played a massive Stellaris game.. where my girlfriend decided to confess something xD
  11. RedSky

    Bring back increased stamina?

    Me doing parkour with a car I get your statement I do, but.... The stamina is REALLY low... Like even a slight increase would make a world of difference. Like there are really cool mechanics in but they are really difficult to use due to stamina. Perhaps... Lower the stamina requirement for them?
  12. RedSky

    Deer Isle is dope

    I honestly am sick of Chernarus, like really sick of it. Not that I prefer deer isle. Look I love South Zagora, but I have had thousands of hours of, milsim, dayz mod, dayz standalone, dayzrp. I remember every hybrid of the map, every change of it, I remember the cool things they removed and added back. For me it is time for a scenery change a different part of the world with a new language and different part of the story, I was hoping for Namalsk, BUT it probably will be this one. And while our current lore is dope and the things the LM's are doing is dope, I don't want to see the player base splintered.
  13. RedSky

    Deer Isle is dope

    There have been free DLC released like this from Bohemia in the past, we shall see.
  14. RedSky

    Deer Isle is dope

    Is there a possibility that if the DLC is free we drop Chernarus altogether?
  15. RedSky

    Red's random Media

    Ya know wa' im saying Dalin' ---------------------- Remember kids, don't get in to cars with random strangers. Because stranger danger is real.
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