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  1. Dont get me wrong @Otter I understand your point, but as from someone who expierenced the NA on the defending side. once a settlement gains traction. It's almost 24 7 attacks I remember very well that there was one day that we got attacked 7 times by 7 different parties. The NLR timer didnt even expire for me in most of them so I couldnt even go and help. that is scratching the fact you needed to go gear up every time, and run back. It can be quite a tiring thing. if one party attacked every so many times great! but history has taught me that people run to settlements for easy robberies. Nobody can keep that up cause for the settlement owners it would turn in to PVP 247 no longer RP. I am not for making a settlement a full on safezone but.... I dont think its bad to limit the amount of times one can be attacked if you get my drift?
  2. I know I dont agree with the ghosting but I dont think anybody agrees with the 'ghosting', @Rolle I am all for the idea of a safezone or atleast give it a shot but wouldnt it be smarter to not allow things that are currently against the rules?
  3. I'm going to get hell for saying this but green mountain was and will always be a perfect place. Swimming is horrible IMO, and it will kill the mood of people to move there. But a safe zone on green mountain and that means you put people close to loot for trading and clear defined risk to go there due to open fields. that gives bandits the possibility to set up checkpoints and a clear reason for a staff faction to give protection. it opens up roleplay for both bandits and survivors. Just my idea.
  4. Your issue is the driver booster, it probably fucked something up when it comes to receiving enough power output from the USB, listen you know me I ain't good in typing this shit down in home between the times of 18;30 and 21;00 for the rest of the week just poke me on TS and we will figure this thing out, this is either your headset not getting enough juice or this your software malfunctioning. Worst case is your motherboard dying. But I don't jump to worst case scenarios.
  5. Jason D'pres

  6. considering I have to work, this week Ill jump in game sunday again, and I will go around translating stuff again. I cant properly remember who I did it with I believe it was @Alex we were setting up codes and puzzles, I remember translating it letter by letter. Also you said czech is a latin based language where did you get that from? Czech is a slavic language. Compared to the latin tree
  7. Soviet means very little, the Soviet union was exactly that, a union. that included various states most notably Preceded by Succeeded by Russian SFSR Transcaucasian SFSR Ukrainian SSR Byelorussian SSR Bukharan People's Soviet Republic Khorezm People's Soviet Republic Estonia Latvia Lithuania Tuvan People's Republic Russian Federation Ukraine Belarus Armenia Azerbaijan Estonia Georgia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithuania Moldova Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan There was never an incentive to russia-fy these countries, cause this was a union just like the European Union. Just for communist. but with more of a dictatorial rule cause Russia was in power. Listen I understand what you tried to point out but the fact remains is that chernarusian is a made up language that follows the Czech writing translated into Cyrillic, if we change the language our map would break the logic.
  8. Directly translate the names of the towns out of Cyrillic by hand and all of the words on the objects and posters some are distinct Russian most are distinct Czech. This is because South Zagoria was a bilingual area between Russian speakers and chernarussian speakers according to the devs this is also the reason the chedaki rose up kinda, don't wanna go in-depth about that. The reason you see so much orthodox stuff is due to the bilingual area where the culture leaked over, however, the buildings and area are distinctly modeled after Czech architecture due to them using a Czech area as inspiration. The major towns got overhauled don't have anything against that, except that Czech were communist for quite awhile–Soviet_Union_relations This was due to their liberation by the Soviets in ww2 and them inevitably becoming a satellite state. Also, most buildings are modeled after distinct Soviet-designed buildings in CZECH I'm at work currently but if you want I can take you trough the entire story of how closely South Zagoria resembles the Czechs
  9. even the Cyrillic in game is literally Czech translated into the Cyrillic alphabet. The entire game, world, and culture is made to be Czech written in Cyrillic. It would make less sense to change it.
  10. He is a firefighter the length he will be AFK for will get him killed period. @OP I'd see what the admins think but what @Strawberry says is correct you probably wont get a way around this unless you get permission from the other party to leave.
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  12. -Levi clicks on the radio after hearing his brother speak, with a slightly pained voice he says the sentence that he feels his brother left out- Those that consume to much, are those left unsatisfied. -Levi clicks off the radio-
  13. This is a good question, I am interested to see answers on this one. But it might've just been a mistake on staffs part.