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  1. Honestly Rolle is quite respectable the sum seems large but, I can tell you stories from other communities where just to play on the server you are gonna have to dish out a 100 to 250 euros a month. Just so you can get ahead in priority queue because otherwise you wont even get in at all. Rolle doesnt require you to spend that cash for you to play here, and while you do buy the rank it is still the same as donating which we all know for reasons from the past is no longer possible. If you look at the fact that I spend 2615 hours in dayzrp (not all of them logged by the website). You r
  2. Every so often I find something so unique that I can't help but share it.

    1991 soviet TV production of "The lord of the rings" part 1 and 2
    I love that this predates our western versions it gives such a unique view. Have fun with it Staggs.



  3. 👁️‍🗨️

    1. RedSky



      I was summoned?


  4. App development, is the single worst idea any small company can take on IMO. The development cost is okayish from a business perspective, the issue is the maintainability. Most App's require a continous development team to put in serious hours to keep it up-to-date for older phones and newer phones. And then im not even bringing up the issues between iPhone and Android development. I also highly doubt that Invision powerboard (the forum code that DayzRP currently runs on) Is very friendly for transforming it in to an app... So that would mean alot would have to be developed
  5. I feel this very hard. I used to love streaming DayzRP, absolutely adored the crap out of it. I left the community because of it aswell. It's nigh impossible to prove the metagaming but it is noticeable that things start happening that are too coincidencial. The difference between events that you encounter with or without streaming are miles apart. Find a base? Next morning its gone. Find a massive pile of loot hidden somewhere? Extract it with your mates and suddenly theres an ambush not a kilometer away. Accidently run past @IsaiahCortez's stash(yhea I somehow kept finding
  6. Hmm, I still dont like that the PK mark goes one way, you should have it be inflicted on both parties to make the playing field more level. Otherwise the PK mark could be a signal that a character will die either way. It needs a way for the person marked to get out of it, also known as disposing of the other party.
  7. I find this a much more reasonable proposal then what is now on the table for the exact same reasons you have mentioned. However if I may I have one more suggestion to add to it. If the player goes in agreement the rights for a perm should go both ways. A conflict between two characters or two groups should always hold severe concequences to both sides. Otherwise it's just to use your words "Clay shooting". I've always considered it good roleplay practice that if you want to perm a character regardless if they are hostile or passive or whatever else spro
  8. Complete sidenote and enough to bring me back from the death for five seconds. I agree good edgy characters are necessary. Peter West was a character I loved to hate and hunt. It was just as great keeping the kids away from him. (PS, @Jackfish is the best person to torture he has a great flow to making it feel perfect) ----- My advice on the subject: Cannibals are one of those. Either you need to play it the right amount of edge and don't overdo it OR, you play it sophisticated and go the angle of Hannibal Lector. You also have cannibals that of course ea
  9. That moment you are randomly lurking the forums after months of inactivity and you see this. Thanks @Whitename you just saved me a gig of space.
  10. Love it, goodluck. People if you are looking for some of the best RP you will ever find. Look no further than @DerrickStorm and his groups.
  11. No offense but this is insanity, the bears were already neigh impossible to take down, if they caught you off guard. And at certain parts of the woods you could encounter multiple packs and bears at the same time. This makes civilian weapons unbelievable unviable
  12. Absolutely not, I get where you are coming from, but these people are doing things for our community in their free time. How in godsname do you expect them to store gigabytes and gigabytes worth of audio data and then store that in an efficient manner? Lets not forget the stupid amount of time they'll be converting whatever file type they record in to mp3's to then store it efficiently. Lets not burden staff with something so simple because it isn't as easy as clicking a button and recording, never forget processing and storing. So -1
  13. I would kill for a low resource dark theme not gonna lie.
  14. Yhea no you are crazy

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