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  1. We have a tool in place for this stuff, we dont require map dev's to know how to sculpt terrain and everything, we are essentially looking for people who can place items in an interesting way and are good at doing just that. If you are good with ya know Forge in Halo or something or other map builders and you have made truly interesting things with limited tools, I think you should apply. Thats how I interperted the plans atleast, am I on the right track @Kerkkoh
  2. 2 weeks, of continuous practice in the mirror, that's how much fucking time I needed to get Bismarck's speaking behavior and pattern of speech out of my mouth and change it to something new...

    I hope when I bring him back I can still do the voice... (sigh)

    1. Zanaan


      I'm sure you'll do fine. Worst comes to worst you have plenty of footage to use as reference

  3. -being written, will be posted before playing-
  4. Sorry to be a bringer of bad news, but this mod falls under the catagory of Additional Medical Supplies, it'll break alot of things inside of our mod and cause conflicts. This isn't a problem persee because we can rewrite the code in our mod to accomadate these changes it brings, but as said before, first refactor than custom code. Which means the bringing of this mod is something for down the road in a month or two, three. Sorry boys.
  5. Believe it or not, this is actually somewhat impossible. So as I was saying the Nominal value, let me grab you an example. <type name="drp_SVT40"> <nominal>2</nominal> <lifetime>3600</lifetime> <restock>1800</restock> <min>1</min> <quantmin>-1</quantmin> <quantmax>-1</quantmax> <cost>100</cost> <flags count_in_cargo="0" count_in_hoarder="0" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="0" crafted="0" deloot="0" /> <category name="weapons" /> <usage name="Hunting" /> <usage name="Town" /> </type> This is the spawning entry for the SVT-40 custom made in house by @Misho (I love this gun, thank you so much for this one). So the nominal value is how many of these would be allowed to spawn at one time/exist depending on the flags somewhat; please note there is no max limit; there is a series of flags, count_in_cargo, count_in_hoarder, count_in_map and count_in_player; please forget about crafted and or deloot(heli spawns) We could turn on the count_in_cargo, count_in_hoarder and count_in_player, but that wouldn't exactly bring the result desired. See Count_in_cargo, would see how many items already exist in cars and count that to the max nominal value Count_in_hoarder would count them in boxes, tents and so on, long term storing containers And count_in_player is what makes this impossible; see, DayZ can only count the item on online players, so let's say we have 30 m4's found on 30 online players than when they log off(holding the item); 30 more could theoretically spawn. So to achieve this sense of rarity, we would have to turn it down real low actually to prevent that. I discussed turning those flags back on but was met with concern for what happened on Chernarus when it was tried once; suddenly, no one found shit because it was all hidden in stashes no one could ever find. @Zero's concern would probably become valid if you turned on those flags. We could turn up the cost of it spawning.... but with the literally thousands and thousands of items in the loot economy, what it would most likely achieve is that it would be never to be seen again.
  6. All right, time to calm the horses; too many assumptions have been made here waaaaay too quickly. I understand the immediate panic, but as I always say, no need for panic. We added a lot of new mods recently, many of which have a lot of items in them, and we added them with the standard spawning config. This was, by all means, a problem. Did nobody notice how suddenly Spurglez bagz was the only bags you could find? This is because there is a limited amount of loot spawn points that are in existence, and all the items fight over these spawn points; there is such a thing in the loot config named Nominal value, the higher the Nominal value, the more of these items can technically spawn, depending on their spawn cost and or their modifiers. Well, every nominal value from Spurglez was 15, every single bag, which meant it drowned out food, it drowned out civilian weapons, it drowned out other bags, crafting material and so on. The more stuff we add, the more stuff there is to find if we keep items nicely balanced such as this; now I won't lie; we did the same for many of the modded weapons; many of their nominal values were high in the standard spawning lists they come with, so they started to drown out each other and our custom in house weapons. Does this mean there will be fewer weapons and ammo to find? Nop means the opposite; there will be a wider variety of weapons because they won't drown out one another. Ammo and gun spawn, BTW are very often the same spawn point, so they drown out one another as well. Now the ultimate goal here would be that civilian weapons are more prevalent due to smaller levels of complexity, therefore, better maintained through the ages; this is a difficult thing to achieve though with the way the loot table works, short off turning the items of entirely it would be bad. The second thing we turned down a tad was food because currently, one can survive by just eating everything they see along the way, which is so bountiful that it is problematic, now we are testing if we turned it too far down or not on the test server and will closely monitor it when it finally comes to the main server. We also turned down every other item that had ridiculous amounts of nominal values. We have to be careful with things like this because a small change can have a significant impact. After all, every item competes with each other in the loot table. Hopefully, this calms down your fears. Hahahaha, help.
  7. Sad face, heartbreak </3,


    goodnight sweet prince.



    1. Zanaan


      look at you salted, a pink boi now. Congrats

    2. Salted


      THANK YOU, RED! ❤️

      Legit though you're one of the most influential people on here who has got me to really take this community seriously. You've given me amazing tips on becoming a better role-player, and you always keep me accountable on my RP. I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon! I'll make you guys proud I promise 😄

  9. We have definitely interacted, I remember that name, but that is all I remember. Any case, welcome back!
  10. To add on top of what @Kerkkoh said, if I remember the story correctly Adam was even talent scouted because of his original creation of Namalsk for DayZ Mod. Which makes the entire creation of Namalsk for DayZ just a porting job because he loves modding and creating things. So definitely not a BI map.
  11. Apperently yes, I'll touch base with @Realize and if he agrees I'll put it on my todo's Huh, very well, on to my todo's it goes.
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