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  1. Love it, goodluck. People if you are looking for some of the best RP you will ever find. Look no further than @DerrickStorm and his groups.
  2. RedSky

    DayZRP 20.2.4

    No offense but this is insanity, the bears were already neigh impossible to take down, if they caught you off guard. And at certain parts of the woods you could encounter multiple packs and bears at the same time. This makes civilian weapons unbelievable unviable
  3. Absolutely not, I get where you are coming from, but these people are doing things for our community in their free time. How in godsname do you expect them to store gigabytes and gigabytes worth of audio data and then store that in an efficient manner? Lets not forget the stupid amount of time they'll be converting whatever file type they record in to mp3's to then store it efficiently. Lets not burden staff with something so simple because it isn't as easy as clicking a button and recording, never forget processing and storing. So -1
  4. I would kill for a low resource dark theme not gonna lie.
  5. Yhea no you are crazy

  6. While I agree that it is alot of work, so is building those massive gate locks. Not every person will have them and most of the times I only see those pop up around veteran community members. If you were to enforce the rule perhaps there would be a short influx of heavy workload, but after awhile people would stop doing it. Except the occasional bambi that is still trying to figure out how the community works.
  7. -User was cautioned for this post-
  8. Altough I don't have the time to go looking for this post right now, I remember this being brought up in another topic post. And if I remember correctly a staff member then said something along the lines "If the gates are placed unrealistic it can be considered AOBGM and can be reported"
  9. Guess who.



    1. Wulf


      Wulf Company Limited is hiring 😉

    2. DerrickStorm
    3. IsaiahCortez


      Oh my... Is my xander poo actually coming back?

    4. DrMax



  10. *opens dayzrp*

    *sees franny*

    *closes dayzrp*

    *thinks to himself.... shes going to kill me with events... she probably hasn't forgotten about Vania*

    1. Hofer


      You're welcome @RedSky

    2. RedSky


      @Hofer first the bees now this?



      Not acceptable...

    3. RedSky


      run away GIF

    4. Hofer


      merciless dr evil GIF

    5. Franny


      no escape crowley GIF

    6. Malet


      How can she kill you if you dont even play? :trolle:

  11. Honestly not that difficult, just have to understand how their words are pronounced with five minutes of googling you can quite comfortably pronounce most things a little correct. However saying a sentence thats another story.
  12. How about something Polish. No foreign names in our Livonia! // Livonia for Livonians!
  13. If Livonia closes, I truly dont feel like playing Chernarus so I wont play it at all. And I am not the only one with that specific mindset. However, if you close Chernarus most people wont jump over to Livonia because it issues a paywall. Keep both up, closing either one will not give you the results you are hoping for. This is not a deerisle vs Chernarus situation.
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