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  1. Murphy's always been the odd one out. The "Weirdo", The "Outcast". Truth be told, nobody took the time to understand him. He's a very difficult man to figure out. He is still trying to understand himself. Raised in Ireland, coming from a poor family. Murph mainly stuck to himself. At a young age he'd move to Europe, residing in the Ukraine. After finishing his education, Murph traveled around Europe for a while, finding odd jobs here and there. Anything blue collar that he could get his hands on to support his drug addiction. There was very little for Murph in Chernarus. Struggling for a few months at first, living out of his car. It took him time to find work. Working for a cab company. The drug abuse kicked up a notch at this point. Constant customer complaints or coworkers catching him shooting heroin cost him his job, Murph's rough state turned for the worst, dependent on heroin, weeks went by as he aimlessly searched for something he couldn't see. At first when the "plague" came round, he wasn't sure if he was slowly descending into madness or if it was actually real. At the point he didn't know what was real. As sobriety hits Murph, slowly his will to live comes back to him. Stronger this time. The answer still unknown to him, Murph survives everyday doing whatever is neccessary.
  2. BufkinTheBrave

    Not with a bang but a whimper.

    Fantastic. I loved it.
  3. Hey guys. I am new to the forums and eager to meet you guys in game. Hopefully my white list app get's accepted.