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  1. IGN: Mike Schweitzer Age: 22 Country: USA English skills: Only, srry DayZ Mod Experience: None but do have DayZ Standalone Experience: 26 hours Roleplaying Experience: Some what new. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Negotiator/Helper Have you been in any clan/group previously: None Additional notes: Willing to learn and try. Best way to contact you: Skype- mc09111992 or PM Backstory: I'm Mike Schweitzer. My friends call me Schweitz or Big Mike. I was on a business flight when shit hit the fan. Not to sour were I'm at. The last thing I remember is screaming, crying, and the blood. Oh and can't forget that horrible thing I saw up there. When I came to I was washed up on the beach and I have no idea where I am. I see some people from my flight but there different and not in a good way. Now I have to do what it takes to live. I don't know who I can trust if there is anyone or where to even hide. I hardly sleep anymore and I feel humanity slipping away. I need to find a friend to help keep me grounded. I search day in and day out for food and supplies. I'm trying to find any form of military to take me to safety. I want to know how far it got and if my family is ok. I try to remember my sons face but I keep getting flashbacks from the plane. I think about taking my own life but I can't bring myself to it. I wonder if there are others like me out there. "I WISH I would have had that drink."
  2. I like trying new things and rp sounds fun.
  3. Hello all. I'm a bit new at rp but willing to give it my best shot.