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  1. Rolf was born during the war. His father, Frank, and his mother, Helen, were settled quite a distance away from other settlements. Growing up, Rolf was taught all the survival skills Frank could teach him. Hunting, foraging and navigation. He had to be certain Rolf could survive by himself. Helen taught Rolf most of what he knew of the world itself, the history of what had happened and how things came to be. She also helped him to learn first aid and minor medical skills that she knew, since she was a nurse. Once Rolf reached adulthood, he was prepared for many of the perils the world had to offer him. But there were other dangers out there, ones that he could not at all have prepared for. In his 26th year, everything would change for the worse. One day as Rolf and Frank were out hunting, they could hear some awful commotion from one of the old roads nearby. It was getting closer. They both quickly realized that it was heading straight for their home. Rolf being the younger of the two, he quickly outran his father and got back to his home just in time. He yelled for Helen to get inside as he took up a defensive position. Shortly after, Frank arrived and got into the house aswell. He took up position in one of the windows as a car filled with bandits approached. Coming closer and closer, Rolf could tell that these men had no intention of goodwill. As the men parked their car and got out of the vehicle. Frank yelled at them to back off, but the men only seemed more thrilled at his request. They got out their guns and swiftly started encircling the house. In a matter of moments, all hell broke loose. As Frank fired a shot towards the bandits, they retaliated and started spraying the house with bullets. Rolf tried his best to help his father fight off the gunmen, but he was quickly shot in the shoulder and lower part of his leg. Yelling in agony he fell to the ground as he could hear the bandits getting closer and closer. Not many moments after, it was all silent. Hours later, Rolf would wake up. Soaked in blood and left alone. He had to stop the bleeding, and help his family. He quickly ripped his shirt off and started to bandage his wounds. Once it was done he rushed inside. All he found was the shot up corpses of Frank and Helen. Rolf was broken, but he knew he had to carry on. He knew that his parents would want him to fight on. He buried them both behind the house. After weeks of barely getting by, he knew he had to do something. Food supply was low, and he needed to move on. His wounds were still aching, but he had to find a settlement. He gathered what little supply he had, a rifle with some ammunition, and headed out. He would go east, towards Vikingskipshuset. It would be a few weeks of travel, but it would be worth it in the end. When he arrived he quickly found an inn where he could get some food and rest. Whilst eating, he overheard some locals talking about a place up north, Nyheim. Intrigued by this settlement, Rolf inquired about where it was and how to get there. The locals gave him what little information they had about the place, it was a settlement where Rolf could start a new. With a hope glowing inside him, Rolf knew he had to get there. Although his body was still not fit for such a journey. He would have to rest here for a while before he could travel. A month had gone by, and Rolf finally felt his body had recovered to a point where he would be fit for travel. He gathered his things and set out for the long and arduous journey ahead. But he was determined to get there. He had to get there. The skills Frank had taught him paid off, his hunting and foraging skills helped him get food through his travels, and his navigation skills helped guide him in the direction he needed to take. He would follow some old, ruined roads up north, but had to maintain distance from the roads to not get spotted by any bandits. Days, weeks and months went by as Rolf got closer and closer to his goal. He had reached one of the old northern cities of Norway, Tromsø. It was now a ruin of what it once was, with only small encampments in the surrounding areas. Having scouted most of the encampments, Rolf approached the one thought was the safest option. He arrived at their border with his hands in the air, before being approached by the leader of the camp, Henrik, and his son, Lars. They welcomed the weary traveler and got him some hot food and shelter. Henrik inquired about what led Rolf this far up north. Rolf told his story and about his travels. Henrik offered Rolf a place to stay in case he wanted to rest up for a while, which Rolf gladly accepted. He stayed there for about a month, helping the camp with hunting and gathering. Before he left, Rolf gave Henrik a gift, as a token for his gratefulness. An old military dagger that he had picked up on his journey there. As he was about to leave, Lars ran up to him and asked to join him. He wanted to see Nyheim himself, and to start a life there as well. Rolf gladly accepted, as he knew that traveling with someone would be of great help. The two would set out for the remaining journey. As the weeks passed, the pair were getting closer and closer to their goal. Only a week away from the borders of Nyheim, they could finally see an end to their travels. As morale was high and they felt invigorated. But tragedy would strike once more. One day as the two were out setting traps, they happened upon a deer close by. Knowing that this deer would supply them with food for the rest of the trip, they used their rifle and shot the deer. Overjoyed with their catch, they prepared for a feast of a meal. As the sunset arrived and they finished up with their meals, Lars and Rolf decided to head to bed early and continue their travels at sunrise. Screams quickly woke Rolf up, he heard Lars yelling outside and a group of zombies. He peered outside his tent and saw Lars being swarmed by them. It was already too late to save him, as Lars was being torn apart by the zombies, Rolf managed to get his clothes and some minor supplies from his tent. When he looked out of the tent again, the zombies spotted him and the chase ensued. Rolf ran, and he ran until his legs were numb and he could barely stand. But he had managed to make some space between him and the group of zombies. He knew he had to think of something quickly, as they would not relent in chasing him. He realized he could climb a tree and hide out there until the coast was clear. As he dragged his exhausted body up the tree and onto a large branch, he could hear the zombies run underneath. He rested on the branch until exhaustion caught up to him, and he blacked out. The next morning, Rolf woke in a panic. He almost fell off the branch and was disoriented. He quickly recollected what the events of the night were, and he realized he was once again alone. He couldn't head back to camp, as there was most likely a large group of zombies there. He knew he had to forge on. He was so close. He knew Lars would want him to. With nothing weighing him down, he moved at a higher pace, but he was tired. When he finally reached the border, he couldn't believe it. But now he had to find a settlement and a place he belongs...
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