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  1. Michael was born in Pearl but him and his father moved into Nyheim after hearing all the stories about it, they moved there when he was just a baby, Sebastian grew up to like hunting and taking anything and everything apart and putting it back together. He also loved reading all the books he could find, being educated by his father and himself. He didn't have any friends growing up since his father was a isolationist they lived in the outskirts of nytheim in the woods. Growing up his father taught him how to make home repairs and how to shoot, skin, and gut animals. His father never spoke about his mother and didn't have any photos of her, so Michael didn't have any recollection of her not even a name. On his 28th birthday his father passed away in his sleep, leaving him a note sayin to "live on and fight this world is tough but remember what he learned and that he must make his own path now." Michael decided to pack up his worldly possession's and become a drifter scavenging what he could and taking what he needed only to get by day by day. He would trade with other survivors in the shadow outskirts of nytheim. Michael never liked PLIKT for all the harsh things they've done in the past but didn't align himself either with the D-Squad. His dream was to build a compound of his own and govern by him based what he had thought was right, yet only a dream until both fractions kill each other and the war was over for good. For now he drifts around making ends meet and keeping his head low until the rise of his own non-align community.
  2. Nikolai Marx was born in 2044 May 26 in the city Volgograd, Russia. His mother Leah Marx a Jewish American immigrated to Russia for his father Vladimir Marx back in the 80’s during the Cold War. The Marx family moved from the city of Volgograd to the city Kaliningrad which is on the the Russian/polish border. He was an only child and grew like a weed, he was far stronger than most of the boys growing up and had always looked for fights. He had developed A high tolerance for pain always coming home with his knuckles blooded and bruises everywhere. Growing up his father would take them to his grandfathers farm on the outskirts of Kaliningrad. Nikolai had developed a green thumb from always helping his grandfather on the Farm. Later in life as nikolai grew older he would develop a love for his neighbor Ekaterina”katya”kazachkova who was the same age as her. At the age of 18 Katya would move to the United States for school and Nikolai would join the army, before she left he confessed his loved for her. They agreed to stay in touch and one day go on a formal date together. Nikolai on the other hand had not chosen to go the school route and join the army. Soon off becoming a army engineer where he would perfect his building skills and passion for fighting. After only a year in the army, Nikolai was deployed into the Ukrainian front to assist with the rebellion on the border. Where he had participated in trench warfare and honed his sharpshooter skills with any Russian variant of the AK. He had racked up a reputation as “the Red Death” With a confirm 40 kills. He was later moved off the line as his tour was done. While back Kaliningrad for some days He had run into Ekaterina on his way home. They went on their first date for it only to spark a fiery love between the both of them. At The age of 23 they got married only dating three months. Ekaterina had learned English and Spanish while away at school. She had taught Nikolai English and Spanish which he picked up fast. Soon after Nikolai had only a year left on his contract and decided he would leave the army to be with his wife in Kaliningrad. But The army had other plans for him and had attached him to a covert unit being sent to Afghanistan. He spent two years in Afghanistan fighting against American and Afghan soldiers. Along side Taliban and covert Russian soldiers, after two years of fighting he return home to Kaliningrad at the age of 25. He was finally released from the army on good terms but while he was downrange had picked up a nicotine dependency. Nikolai and Ekaterina had purchase some land outside of Kaliningrad in a small village and built a large farm. Ekaterina had suggested they go to nytheim to visit family and spend time with them. Nikolai had always put it off worrying about the farm and helping his fellow villagers with mechanical/homework projects. Later at the age of 26 his wife would pass away in her sleep to a brain aneurysm and Nikolai would wake up finding her dead to him. This had put him in a deep state of depression and chaotic behavior. If it wasn’t for his parents especially his mother’s help he could have never came out of it. He sold his farm and and his land packing up nothing but his old military pack with his army first aid kit, 3 mags, photos of his wife, food for the ride and AKM. He loaded up his car and made the drive to nyheim to spend his birthday where his beloved wife always wanted to go. Little did he know what he would find once his journey had come to an end.
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