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  1. Ronnie lived a quiet life in a small rural, southern region of the United States. He learned everything he knows from his father and grandfather. They were experienced and trained in all ranges of weaponry because of the wars and outbreak. He lost his grandfather at a young age, his father just last year. He stayed very close with his group of friends. They ended up becoming more like a family to him. It takes a while to gain his trust, but they had done just that. His group heard rumors of places being built anew. They set out to find one, but along the way, they were split up. They had a location picked out to head to, so Ronnie did the best thing he knew how. Survive. He made it his mission to survive until he reached the destination. He had to see if his friends had made it. Ronnie never was the most liked of the group, but he knew how to keep them alive. Being the best one in the group with weapons, he always accompanied the best scavengers on trips for supplies. He was never much for leadership or confines. Keeping his friends safe at all costs was his main drive. Sometimes the group didn’t agree with his ways in doing so, but it was the best and safest way that he saw fit. He let his morals and conscience drive his decisions in what he thought was right. Right now, whether they liked it or not, he had to do whatever it takes to find his friends.
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